Josey’s Nursery (Part Two)

A few weekends ago, Tommy, Ben, and Tom all went to work in the nursery, putting up the last of the crown molding, bead board, chair rail, and baseboards. Then everything wooden got a coat of white paint.

A few days later, Tommy came up and smoothed out some areas that needed extra work and caulked some crown molding and chair rail that was too far from the wall (our walls curve all wonky).

While the guys were hard at work, Lana, Patti and I hit up the mall for some shoe-shopping. Life is tough when you marry a hard working man. ๐Ÿ˜‰

There are still a few areas that need to be touched up on the gray paint from where the caulk went up, and all the wooden parts of the wall need another coat or two of white. One corner needs a corner-trim piece. Other than that, the walls are done!

I went ahead and put the crib and rocker/ottoman in there too, along with some other things.

Big difference from where it started out right?

Don’t worry…the duck fabric on the rocking chair my mom and dad gave me is going to be gone, and so is the old leather/fabric combo on the ottoman I found for $20 at a flea market. I have a great white and yellow fabric picked out for them….but you have to wait to see it!

Those books on the floor also have a spot in my plans, but again, you have to wait. See where the lamp is on the floor? I’m thinking that would be a good spot for a table, and I might paint that lamp or replace it all together. It used to be in my room at my parents’ house.

Here’s her crib! I still need to make the bumper and bedskirt (and the curtains…) with mom. I also hung it for now with a banner my friend, Esther, made for the Covington baby shower.

The artwork on the floor will most likely go on the wall it is leaning against, beside the closet. But it will be on the gray part of the wall, not the bead board, obviously.

I’m waiting to hang art until the end, though. Here’s a better view of that wall:

Notice Liam looking in? The dogs aren’t allowed into her nursery anymore. But they like to think about it.

While we’re facing her closet, why don’t we look inside?

This should change a good bit as the nursery gets finished. Starting on top:

  • The things right in the middle, still in packaging, are grocery cart covers and baby carriers (for us to “wear” her), so they will probably stay in our cars once she’s here.
  • One of the monitor screens is up there, and that will obviously be in use elsewhere in the house when she arrives.
  • Her brushes, thermometer, suction bulb, etc. are in boxes, but they will come down and be put in drawers where they can be reached.
  • To the right is her huge pile of blankets, and those will be in baskets in her room, where I can reach them.
  • To the middle, left ย (beside the grocery cart cover), is stuff to go in the car or on her car seat. So that will be with her carseat. Or in the car. Duh.
  • And her burp cloths will be down where I can reach them too, instead of in a pile on the top left of her closet. (There are some frames on top of her burp cloths, and the box beside it is full of lightbulbs.)

On the bottom of the closet:

  • On the right, we have diapers, diapers, more diapers, and a few wipes. Most likely, I will move those up to the top shelf when room becomes available.
  • Her playmat (collapsed right now) and “super seat” will both come out when she’s ready for them! I will probably move them to the top of the closet as well, when room is available.
  • The paint that is beside the dresser will obviously be moved out (to the garage) once we finish touch-ups.
  • On the other side, there are two pink bags full of toys. The toys will be put in baskets/storage in her bedroom, where she can play with them.
  • The two grocery bags are full of clothes that have been handed down from cousins. They aren’t the right season for the sizes, but babies don’t always wear the “right” size for their age, so I plan to hang onto them just in case. There are some really cute outfits in there!
  • The carseat the grocery bags are sitting on is an old one that Lisa and Jonathan gave me and that I used for Will. I keep it because I never know when I might need it for a niece/nephew or a friend’s kid. Most likely, I won’t keep it on the floor of Josey’s closet forever.

So all of that will change.

The dresser belonged to my Nana, and Lisa had used it for her girls, hence the pink and green knobs. I haven’t decided if I’m going to give it a makeover in the future or not. Since it’s just in the closet for now, we’ll see.

On top of the dresser are:

  • A tote box with shoes (I love shoes, and I LOVE baby shoes!).
  • A basket with hair accessories and hats (and a feathery tiara and some sunglasses- she is SO my daughter).
  • A flower pot that was painted and filled with gifts from a friend. Now it holds jewelry that Josey’s been given (and some pretty rattles she was given that I plan to put out in her room).

Drawer 1: Bloomers, socks, tights, and legwarmers.

Drawer 2: Onesies.

Drawer 3: Leggings, pants, and shorts.

Drawer 4: Pajamas.

Drawer 5: Crib sheets and changing pad covers.

As for her hanging clothes, I plan to make some dividers (got the craft supplies for it yesterday), and I will definitely take pictures and show how I do it and how it looks in the closet when it’s done. Can’t wait to do that project!

Okay, moving on from the closet.

Standing beside the crib, you can see the rest of her room. We plan to put a rug down in the center of her room. I’m thinking something neutral with a lot of soft texture would be nice. She would like the way it feels, and once I add fabrics, it might be too much to have a colorful rug as well.

The toys that are in the corner (the jumparoo and the baby bouncer) will probably find their way into the closet, once there is room for them. And then they will come downstairs so she has somewhere to hang out with us when we’re working on our computers or I’m doing house stuff.

That corner is where I plan to make a little book/toy center for her. Can’t wait to get that done and share it with you!

The place where the changing pad is on the floor is approximately where her changing table will go…once I find a dresser with the right dimensions and right price AND convert it! =) (Another blog post, I’m sure.)

And, of course, the new chandelier is a happy addition to the room. I love it against the striped ceiling!

That’s all I’ve got for now. I’m so grateful for family members who are willing to share their skill and time with us to make this room beautiful! It would not look like this without them!


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    1. Thanks! You saw it with all the bags and boxes in there, so you are one of the few people who knows how much work I’ve been doing! =) It took a few days, but I got it sorted. Feels better to go in there now!

  1. Now those guys sure did a good job while you all were boot shopping……….I’m thinking the handy work compliments all the goodies in the room ๐Ÿ™‚

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