A Year of Favorites (2011)

Last year, I did a little compilation of some of my Friday Favorites that would make good gift ideas for Christmas. Since it’s now December, I figure it’s time to do it again with Friday Favorites from this year!

Give them Food!

Here’s a great (i.e.: simple and delicious) recipe for a treat to give teachers, neighbors or friends.

Or you could give a gift card to any of these restaurants. They’re all delicious!

Prime (They’ll serve you a steak you will want to take pictures of, no joke.)

Farm Burger (Organic and local burgers AND burgers for vegetarians. Amazing food.)

Der Biergarten (Lots of beers in lots of sizes. Also a menu full of German food that I’ll actually eat! It’s yummy.)

Give them Fun!

Buy them a game of Whirlyball with their friends. They will love you for it.

Is the person you’re shopping for under 2? They’ll LOVE Baby Signing Time. Fun music and videos for little people.

Shopping for a geeky parent? They will crack up over these onesies and shirts for their kiddos.

Give them Gadgets!

For the coffee addict, a Keurig is the way to go.

For the photographer, an expo disc and a gray card are both great presents.

For anyone clumsy with a phone, they will LOVE having an Otterbox. My phone still looks brand new, and my case has taken a beating!

Give them Something Useful!

I LOVE my Copco cups, and I take them with me everywhere. They keep me from spilling my drinks too! (Basically, it’s like an adult sippy cup.)

Karma Cards are a great gift for the eco-friendly person on your list.

From home decor to tote bags to invitations to jewelry, In Sweet Violets offers plenty of gift solutions. I love my earrings and necklace from that store!

That’s a Wrap.

If you weren’t sure of something to get for someone on your list, there are plenty ideas above for you to think over. And they span every type of budget. Happy shopping!


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