The Hunt Continues

I have been trying to track down all the things I want for Josey’s nursery at an affordable price. It’s been interesting to see where everything has come from- mixtures of old and new, homemade and store-bought, custom and as-is.

I’ve got my eye on Ikea for a few things (a specific basket I want and a rug). Target might be providing my little side table to go next to the rocker, but a better guess is I’ll find it somewhere like a yard sale. The shelves I plan to put up…who knows. And the “storage” I plan to put on the walls (will tell more about this later) is probably coming from Sears. Not sure where I’ll buy curtain rods yet either.

A few days ago at an estate sale, I FINALLY found a dresser I liked for converting into a changing table. It’s solid, has lots of storage, is in good condition, was super affordable, and – best of all- it’s actually tall enough! I never realized how short most dressers are until I tried to find one to use as a changing table. Today, Tom and a friend from our small group are trekking back with me to pick it up. Then I plan to sand it down, paint or whitewash it, and replace all the hardware.

Right now, I’m hunting down the right mirror to go on the wall over it. I’m so darn picky, and I have a price range that’s hard to match with my style preferences. If only I had $500 to spend on a wall accent. Ha!

Here’s where everything we have in her room has come from so far:

Rocker- My parent’s basement. (Will buy fabric online and pay someone to reupholster it.)

Ottoman- An antique/consignment shop in Covington. (It will be reupholstered in the same fabric as the rocker.)

Crib and crib mattress- New, from Babies R Us. (Gift from my parents.)

Closet Dividers- Homemade.

Hangers- Target. (Theirs are cheaper than Babies R Us, it turns out.)

Dresser in Closet- Hand-me-down from my Nana to my sister-in-law to me.

Clothes, Accessories, Toys, Books, Diapers, Wipes, Bedding, Etc.- All gifts except for a few items I bought.

Curtains and Crib Bumper/Bedskirt- Don’t have them made yet, but will be making them with my mom with fabric I bought online. It’s slowly trickling in with the mail.

Chandelier- Home Depot (online).

Lamp- My room at my parents’ house. (If this stays in her room, I will probably paint it.)

So that’s everything in her room right now. Pretty much everything that is brand new, with the exception of the chandelier, was given to us. Her room will be pulled together from a big mix of places, but I love that.

I’m not the kind of person who wants all my furniture to match. I don’t think I’ve ever bought a set of furniture that all goes together and kept it like that in one space, with the exception of the table and chairs in our breakfast area of the kitchen.

Our living room has matching leather couches, a rug from Pottery Barn that I waited to be discontinued to buy, a console (made in China in 1870) from a flea market, hand me down tables I want to replace, an awesome little side table my Nana bought at an antique store with me when I was about 9, and a coffee table that’s actually a cart I found in a friends’ garage, bartered for, and refinished.

My rooms come together over time with lots of hunting down for the right fit. Looks like JoJo’s room will be no exception.


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  1. I can’t wait to see it all come together!!!! You better get the rest finished, she will be here in a little over a month!!!! AGHHHHHHHHH! 🙂

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