Merry Fourth Of July!

Every December, Tom and I send out a Christmas card, usually with a letter. I LOVE stationery, and shopping for cute Christmas-y paper is so much fun for me. I like to use coordinated envelopes and address labels too. And holiday stamps.

Not this year.

This year, Tom and I laughed at the stacks of plain, white envelopes that came with our Shutterfly cards, the plain, white address labels I printed everyone’s address on, and the very patriotic “forever stamps” that I am using to send them on their way.

Not to mention that I used plain, white paper and black ink to print our Christmas letters (which are basically just an update of what we did this year). At least the cards are more festive.

The envelopes weren’t even wide enough to hold the letters, so I had to fold them down and then over as well.

A huge stack of these are going out today. Tom said it looks like we’re celebrating July 4th rather than Christmas, and he’s not wrong.

Normally, it would bother me beyond description to break from my tradition. To not use pretty paper. To not even have an envelope the right size for the paper I am using.

For some reason, this year, I just can’t be bothered. I even find it kind of funny. This month is so crazy anyway, and I’m so much more focused on getting the nursery finished, that I think I’m just happy to be sending something out at all.

Happy Fourth of July this Christmas!


4 thoughts on “Merry Fourth Of July!”

  1. I’d be happy to just be sending something out… something tells me my cards to the UK will default to “new year” cards…

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