Like Those “Getting to Know You” Emails

You know those emails that used to be popular, where a friend would fill out answers to all these questions, and then send it to his/her friends, and they would all reply with their answers? And then you knew everyone’s favorite color and food and what they were most scared of?

I’m going to do a Christmas version of that with my blog. Because I like knowing things about you people. Especially since you already know a lot about me.

1. Christmas music- when should you start listening to it?

Tom and I try to hold off listening to Christmas music until Thanksgiving night. Every now and then we slip up and cheat by listening to a song before then, but we’re pretty strict about saving Christmas music for Christmas time. Same goes for Christmas decorations and movies.

2. When do you put up your Christmas tree? Real or fake?

Tom and I have always gotten our Christmas trees the day after Thanksgiving. Until this year. This year I had a photoshoot that had me getting home late, and we were both tired. So we went two days after Thanksgiving.Β 

We always do a real tree for our main one. They smell so good, and I like the tradition of hunting down the perfect tree. (I think I like that more than Tom because I’m super picky. I like BIG trees. Tall, lots of full branches, and only may have one bald spot, because we can make it face the wall.)

Upstairs we do a fake tree. Eventually I’d like a fake tree in every bedroom too.

3. Themed decorations on the tree or a mishmash of ornament memories?

Upstairs, I do a themed tree. This year it’s blue and silver ornaments with peacock feathers coming out the top. And some silvery, glittery thingy I stuck in with the feathers. (It looks good when the tree’s lights are on.)

On the main tree, we do a mishmash. We do like to add a new ornament every year that we’ve been married. It makes it fun for us as we pull those ornaments out each year.

4, What goes on top of your tree?

We have a star on top of our main tree. And some glittery red thing from Hobby Lobby that sparkles and adds pizzazz. Either it adds pizzazz, or it makes me look like I couldn’t decide what would go on top of the tree this year.

5. What is your favorite Christmas movie?

That’s a tough one. My two favorites growing up were Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer and A Muppet Family Christmas (which Dad would get us to watch on Christmas morning so mom could get a few minutes to shower and dress before we all went on film opening presents).

Now my favorite is probably Elf. It gets funnier for me every year.

6. What’s your favorite Christmas song?

That’s hard too. I think for Christmas hymns, it’s probably “O Holy Night.” And for secular, I like “Baby, It’s Cold Outside,” “All I Want for Christmas” (Mariah Carey’s version, fo shizzle) and “Santa Baby.” The last one just makes me laugh.

7. Did your family do Santa presents growing up? Will you with your kids? (Not trying to start a debate on Santa vs. Jesus here!)

My family didn’t do Santa as part of our Christmas, but Tom’s did.

Tom and I are really excited to do that with our kids. I think it will be a really fun tradition to do with them.

Since none of Josey’s cousins do Santa either, we are going to start doing Christmas Eve/Christmas morning at our house in the future so that we can do this without any little ones accidentally spilling the beans for her or her future siblings.

8. It wouldn’t feel like Christmas without ________.

Seeing all of my immediate family members and Tom’s family. I’ve been celebrating Christmas with Tom’s family since I was 15, so they are just as much a part of my Christmas tradition now! We do a lot of driving on Christmas day to be with everyone, but it’s so worth it!

9. I will never forget getting ______ for Christmas when I was a kid.

My American Girl Doll, Samantha. I LOVED her and was actually allowed to play with her (some people just collect them). She was loved and played with for many years.

Now she’s been discontinued by the American Girl brand, but I have her (and Felicity, whom I got later) tucked away for Josey and her sister(s) to play with someday.

10. I’ll never forget giving ______ as a present.

Chocolate covered cherries every year for my dad.

Poor dad. I was the youngest in the family, and I had the least money to spend, but it was a big deal to me to buy the Christmas gifts myself when I could. I would always give him a box of chocolate covered cherries– the kind that came stemless and with that yummy gooey stuff all around them inside the chocolate.

It probably cost about a dollar, but he made such a big deal out of them that I felt like I had given him his favorite gift.

And he would put them in the fridge and share them with everyone. He probably only got to eat about 2. Hmm…..I wonder if he even likes those things?

Your turn! Answer the same questions (or as many as you want) in the comments. I’d love to hear about your Christmas traditions!


12 thoughts on “Like Those “Getting to Know You” Emails”

  1. 1. Whenever you feel like it……I do think it’s a little ridiculous to start seeing Christmas Decor and Christmas music when it’s still 20 days til Thanksgiving though….
    2. Real Christmas tree and decorations go up the day after Thanksgiving, however, with an 11 month old and ANOTHER pregnant wife that was a little difficult to accomplish this year so it went up the following weekend.
    3. Mismash or ornaments, Justin and I purchase each other 1 new ornament every year a tradition my grandma started us doing when we got together.
    4. A HUGE homemade bow with matching dangling pieces of the material.
    5. National Lampoon’s and The Grinch
    6. Jingle Bell Rock
    7. Yes we did Santa, and he was always unwrapped presents and mom and dad’s were always wrapped.
    8. Traveling around to see all the christmas lights!!!! i just love to see what folks come up with and get new ideas for the next year.
    9. Easy Bake Oven!!!!! til i blew it up with a mudpie that I had so decoratively topped with Nandina Berries.
    10. My grandma a beautifully hand-drawn picture of poppa the year he died. It looked SOOOOOO much like him and she adores it.

  2. Oh I love these questionaires!!!!
    1. Christmas music is to be reserved for when you are doing Christmas activities… decorating the tree, making Christmas cookies, and then Christmas morning opening presents (not all day). If you can’t tell, I’m not a big fan.
    2. Day after Thanksgiving. Always have had fake but hope to get a real one next year.
    3. Themed with red and gold. Though I imagine we will eventually do one with all of the ornaments Raegan and her siblings will make.
    4. Usually a big bow with streamers coming down but last year Chris saw this crazy thing at Macy’s with lots of different colored and design branches sticking out all over the place so thats what we have this year. Its kind of cute but for some reason, I think Las Vegas anytime I look at it.
    5. Don’t like Christmas movies but I can sit through the Grinch.
    6. Mary Did You Know by Kenny Rogers
    7. Chris and I both had Santa growing up but we don’t plan on doing Santa with our kids.
    8. Day after Christmas shopping and gift card spending!!!
    9 . a Go- Kart!
    10. my sister in law a custom made photo book of their honeymoon or a desk calendar I made for my dad

    1. Nice! We have colorful, sparkly branches in red sticking out of our main Christmas tree. I think it would look prettier with coordinated ornaments, but I love pulling out the old ornaments every year and seeing ones from when we were little up until now.

      Tom also got a go-cart when he was a kid. He and his brother both got one, and there was a lot of footage of them driving them that year! They thought they were the Dukes of Hazzard. lol

  3. 1. Whenever you want I guess. I pretty much never listen to Christmas music on purpose. I think Church and department stores are the only places I wind up hearing any of it. Which is fine with me because I’m really not that big a fan of it.

    2. My family usually put up one large fake tree sometime between thankgiving and xmas. Since I moved, I’ve been doing one large real tree in my living room. This year I put the tree up 4 hours before my Christmas party on the 10th of December. Last minute win. I get to enjoy it for a whole week. :p

    3. I’ve been sticking to a color scheme that is a shiny/sparkly version of what my living room decor is like. I like making the tree pop a little but look like it belongs as part of the overall decor. I’m always for easy-on-the-eyes type stuff.

    4. Just a small star metal star with some satin shine paneling. It looks kinda small on the 10 footer I got this year so maybe I’ll replace it next year or do something else with the top.

    5. I don’t think I’ve ever watched a Christmas movie twice. The last one I saw was Elf on the year it came out. I’m pretty ‘Eh’ about seasonal movies in general.

    6. I don’t think I have a favorite xmas song. I’m content getting a bit of everything whenever I go shopping during this season.

    7. No I didn’t have Santa.. and more than likely will not be doing it with any kids I have.

    I was that kid ruining Santa for everyone. My poor american-born cousins/1st grade classmates. It’s hard to instill Santa in a 6 year old with no history of it. I just wasn’t buying it.

    It was like being an atheist for elementary schoolers. “What did Santa get you???” “Uh.. Santa’s not parents got me stuff” Ensue crying and calling me foreign. I laugh about it now. I remember thinking Americans were crazy for believing in a fat guy that somehow managed to hit every house in one night and not calling the letter Z Zed.

    I eventually gave way on that Zed thing. πŸ™‚

    I’ll probably try and teach my future children to try not to destroy other little kids’ beliefs, at the least..

    8. Hot chocolate mixed with peppermint schnapps. :] Man it is SO good.
    In fact, I think it might evolve into a cold-weather drink so I don’t have to forget it after December 25th is gone. :]

    9. I actually don’t remember much detail about my gifts from when I was a kid. My parents used to buy me lots of small things. I was never into dolls but I did get stuff like erector sets, my little ponies, and polly pocket stuff. I was big into small things with movable parts or electronics. I think the most excited I was about a Christmas gift was getting my first iPod when I was a teenager. Easily the best gift ever!

    10. I have no idea. I just give my brother cash and all the gifts from before I could earn money for gifts were from my mom to my dad but she would write from me and my brother too on it. Everything to my brother was just from the two of them. We kind of skipped Christmas these past couple years in terms of gifts. Last year, my aunt was in the hospital and nobody felt like Christmas shopping so only the kids got stuff. This year we’ll be out of the States so no gift shopping this year either. I’m hoping next year is the year I gift something memorable to somebody! πŸ™‚

    1. Wow, you’re the second person who’s not a big fan of Christmas music! I love it! So funny to see all the different opinions.

      I was that kid too. Because my family had never done Santa, I just couldn’t quite get how ANYONE could believe it. I tried to talk sense into my friends, but they were adamant about it. When I told my mom about it after kindergarten that day, she was mortified. And I was told to not ruin Christmas for any more kids. I was so confused. lol

  4. Just for the record Dad loves chocolate covered cherries–I bought him a box this year. Maybe Josey can take up the tradition in the future πŸ™‚

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