Week 33

Here’s Week 33’s Cartoon. If you have no idea what I’m referring to, you should read this post first. (It’s a comic strip of my pregnancy. I’m adding new ones each week.)

And trust me, I do think Josey is worth it.

But there are things far more awkward (in my opinion) than what I put in the comic strip today. Things that I don’t want to discuss on my blog.

Pregnancy OWNS you. The body you’ve had your whole life is no longer yours. Everything you are used to just goes away and leaves you with this new body that cares very little about how you think it should behave.

And that’s why I think being a mom must be super awesome. Because it would have to be to go through this again and again.


2 thoughts on “Week 33”

  1. i think Austin may be pregnant because he says things like “hey, can you get me that, thing, ya know..the thing?” uh huh..yeah. or maybe that is just a guy thing? or austin thing? haha LOVE the part about farting, totally LOL 🙂 you crack me up! I am loving the comics!

    1. Haha, Tom says I’ve always been bad about referring to ppl and things as pronouns so he has no idea what I’m talking about. But now, I have to ask him to remind me what things are called…basic things that I use ALL THE TIME! And I forget what I’m talking about AS I say it! lol

      As for the farting…oh girl. It’s only funny when it’s not happening! haha

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