I have been having a hard time lately with juggling everything. Getting ready for Josey, living life in general, and blogging do not always go hand-in-hand, and I have found blogging gets bottom billing in priorities.

I don’t know if I mentioned this, but I have a journal that I use to write letters to JoJo. When she’s older, I plan to give her all the letters. I don’t know if that will be when she’s 18, when she’s graduating from college, when she gets married, or when she is pregnant with a baby of her own.

But someday, she can look back and know what thoughts went through her mom’s 26-year-old brain while she was growing inside me.

The letter I left her today was a bit more of a “here’s what I’ve got going on before you get here.” I feel like I’m running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off one day, and falling asleep for an unplanned, two-hour nap the next.

I guess I feel that way because I am doing that. But unplanned naps make my urgency to get things done that much more intense.

And no one ever seems to talk about how nuts life is BEFORE kids. Just after.

Well, I’m keeping it real, and I’ll tell you something I wrote to her. Even though I get the “yeah right, stupid” look from others every time I say this, I feel like when she arrives, I will get to relax. Not forever, but just for a couple weeks, at least.

Yes, there will be a baby to care for, even in the middle of the night. Guess what? I wake up at least twice a night now anyway. I hear it’s God’s way of preparing you for waking up in the middle of the night to nurse and change diapers. I don’t doubt I’ll be tired, but I know I can do it.

And yes, there will always be meals to cook, a house to clean, laundry to do (and more of it), and groceries to buy. There will be a baby thrown into it all.

But as a former nanny, I can say that at least I’ll be home. She’ll be at my house. I can get stuff done because I’ll be here to do it- my laundry, my meal prepping, my house-cleaning. When I was a nanny, I took care of Will at his house, so I couldn’t get my laundry done while I played with him or sweep my house while he napped.

I think I’ll be more efficient as a mom than I was as a nanny because I’ll have the option of multi-tasking with my chores and caregiving. (Or maybe I’ll just spend all my time taking pictures of her….)

And Tom can watch her while I run errands, or I’ll just take her with me. I’ve done it before with other peoples’ kids, so why not my own?

But once she’s here, I won’t be preparing for her arrival anymore. Just like I was running around crazy until the day I got married, but once the wedding day was over, I got a week of chilling in Jamaica, I will run around crazy until the day I go into labor, and then I will come home and have my mom to help out for a week, and Tom’s mom to help for a week after that. Sounds great.

Here’s what’s going on, just this week:

*I’m removing hardware from her dresser (which I will convert to a changing table), filling holes with putty, sanding it all, and staining it. Then I plan to build a box for the top to hold her changing pad. I also need to pick out new knobs to replace the old hardware.


*Big shopping trip to Sam’s followed by preparing a bunch of small meals to freeze and pull out later to defrost/cook/eat.

*Baby shower with our sweet small group.

*Perinatologist appointment Thursday to have her kidney’s looked at. Should be our last sonogram before she arrives. She’s retaining a bit of fluid in her kidneys still, and we want to be sure she’s fine.

*Doctor’s appointment Friday (and every Friday until she is born).

*Working (still) on getting the smoke smell out of her rocker/ottoman (another blog post in itself!).

*3rd birthing class with our sweet friend, Bett. She is awesome.

*Post office run to return some stuff and to mail some books.

*Taking our nephew and nieces to Chic-Fil-A and to see the new Alvin and the Chipmunks movie (a movie at the theater was their Christmas present from us).

*Lunch date with my sweet friend, Jennie, who I don’t get to see often anymore.

*Tour of peditricians’ office to see if they are the practice we want to use for Josey.

*Set up cord-blood banking so they can go ahead and send us a kit for the hospital.

*Work on touching up nursery walls.

*Shop for mirror (still searching) and for shelves for nursery.

*Set up time to work with seamstress who offered to help me on cutting and laying out curtain fabric so my mom and I can sew it without messing it up.

That’s all I can think of off the top of my head. Most of those things are tied into the nursery and preparing for Josey’s arrival. So you can see why I would think some of my hectic day-to-day might have a chance to chill out for at least a couple weeks after she’s born.

Nursing? Changing diapers? Bring it on. I’m ready to meet my girl.

And if I blog less in the mean-time, you’ll know why.


7 thoughts on “Juggling”

  1. I get you. But maybe it’s just a word choice thing. You are basically saying you would much rather be on baby duty than creating a nursery and tying up other prebaby necessities. You will be able to relax from planning which can be exhausting! You will also be able to “relax” from waiting–so mentally exhausting. You will not, however, be able to relax in general. Just sayin. 😉

    1. That is true- I won’t be relaxing! But I will get to have a chance to just enjoy her being here, and my mom will be here to help…then Tom’s mom will be here to help. And Tom, of course! That’s why I say for the first two weeks, and not indefinitely. I know I will be busy, but I won’t be building furniture! I know that baby duty isn’t easy, and I DEFINITELY don’t want to downplay it. But I would rather be with her than without!

  2. Josey is so lucky to have a mama who has figured everything out even before her arrival! Poor Lia… she will always be our “experimental child”. We learn something new every day. 🙂 No one with kids ever seems to talk about how nuts life was before the kids came… mostly because they don’t remember. Good idea about the letters, that is sweet. I’m sure she will appreciate them no matter when you decide to give them to her! Once she’s here, you definitely won’t be preparing for her arrival anymore. From that point on, you will be preparing for everything else. And I don’t just mean childproofing and baby food. 🙂 Preparing for her childhood, adolescence, etc. It takes a lot of planning and daily “to-do’s” to lay those foundations even at a tiny age. May the Lord bless all of our efforts as mothers and give us joy, patience, peace and endurance for each stage that we lead these little people through!

    1. Everything figured out? I wish! I don’t think anyone can claim that. Haha Even when she is raised and on her own, I will wonder what I could have done to be a better parent, I am sure. Hopefully God will give me wisdom as she grows to handle each stage. I was mainly saying that life is crazy right now trying to prepare her room, doctors, etc. No different than it is for most people who are expecting, but no one seems to talk about it. Just how crazy life is post-birth. You are probably right- they can’t remember because they have the baby to handle! You and Henry are awesome parents, and I will probably be calling you in the future for advice!

  3. I keep saying that maybe with the second one things will slow down but I’m sure that is pure ignorance. There are those moments when you think “could life get any crazier?!” pre and post babies….yet it does 🙂 This year has felt insane to me as well, surgery, pregnancy, holidays, and now a move. Yet, one of the great things about a newborn is they FORCE you to stop because they demand food bottle or breast, quite often. You can’t do anything else but feed and I think God created it that way so we would stop. However, Im a little in fear that what was peaceful quiet nursing time with Charlotte will now be filled with the fussing and tantrums of a toddler with Peanut 🙂 We are always on our toes as mothers!!! One thing that I didn’t practice but should have is pulling and zipping up my pants one handed! C often does not even want me to put her down when I pee!!!!!!!!! Oh, but the joy, it is so very worth it!!!!!! Yeah for the soon coming arrival of Josey!

    1. Wow, yeah, you have had a much different experience with babies than most people do. I can’t imagine juggling raising a child, running a home, AND all the medical things you juggle- especially from an emotional standpoint. But you do it and do it with a lot of grace! I’m so impressed with you.

      I didn’t realize y’all were planning to move. Can I hope against hope that y’all are moving to Georgia? I would LOVE that! =) And of course, what I would love is the first thing y’all considered when planning a move, right? 😉

      I’m sure your mom will be out to help often with Charlotte and Peanut when lil’ Peanut arrives. Charlotte will adjust! And she’ll learn that she’ll be okay if you hold someone else- even while you pee. lol Can’t wait for JoJo and Peanut (AND Kristen’s peanut) to arrive! So fun to think of how many new babies will be here this time next year!

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