Cheesy Christmas Party and “About to Pop” Shower

I’ve mentioned the small group Tom and I attend on my blog before, a few times.

Since this time last year, one of the couples has had a baby, one couple has moved to a new church, and another couple moved to a different state for grad school. And then another couple got pregnant (us).

Since the beginning of our group, we’ve gotten to see each other take on big stuff. Many of our small group members have run races. Some have done triathlons- one even completed an Ironman. Several members have gone back to school or started new jobs. Tom started his own business. I left nannying for photography and mommyhood.

It’s been fun to support each other as we have all had changes and challenges in our lives and grown in faith. And we like to have fun together too!

This Christmas, we had a “cheesy” Christmas party. We all brought food, wore silly (and some hideous) Christmas clothes, and did a “dirty Santa” gift exchange. It was so fun. (We’re missing one member in the pictures below.)

After Christmas, on our first small group gathering of 2012, they threw me and Tom a baby shower. The theme was so cute. It was “Meghan’s about to POP!”

All of the food was “pop” related- cake pops, Pops cereal, popcorn, pop tarts, popsicles, jalapeño poppers, spicy chicken poppers, and sausage ball poppers. YUM.

There were also calendars printed up and set out on the table so everyone could make their predictions as to when Josey will arrive.

And on the left, in the back, you can see that there was a blanket with Josey’s name embroidered on it. Our small group all placed hands on it and prayed for Josey.

The idea is that when she is sick or we are having a hard night, we can wrap her in the blanket and remember that there are others praying for us and for her. It’s an encouraging reminder, for sure!

They also gave us our carseat. WOO! Tom and I were definitely going to need to purchase that item before she arrived. It was so exciting to receive that from our sweet small group.

We love these people. Going through life with them is awesome- they make us better people, hold us accountable, pray for us, support us in big and small ways, and help us grow in our faith.

That’s the kind of small group anyone would be lucky to be a part of, and we don’t take it for granted. Thanks, y’all!


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