JoJo’s Dresser/Changing Station

Josey’s room is the second biggest bedroom in the house, so when it came time to look for furniture, I needed things that fit the scale of the room.

Her changing table was a challenge. I knew that I wanted to get a dresser and fix it up, but I couldn’t find one that was the right length AND the right height. Dressers tend to be shorter than you would expect.

Finally, I found just what I was looking for at an estate sale back in December. I had gone looking with some girlfriends, Jenn and Megan, and we found the perfect fit- a 72″ long dresser.

The first issue was getting it home. Thankfully, one of our friends from small group was willing to drive over to the house with his truck and help Tom load it up and take it up to Josey’s room at our house. We couldn’t have gotten it without him!

I was also excited to get the dresser for less than a third or what they originally wanted for it. That was a good thing because I had plans for it. The hardware was all going to be replaced, and the dresser itself needed to be sanded down and painted black.

The sanding process took forever! I took out each drawer and sanded it down, including all the little crevices. I also had to fill in the holes from the hardware where I didn’t want them. Any holes in the middle of a drawer, I left for future knobs.

Those little crevices ran all the way along the dresser as well, so it took some time. After the sanding was over, I could finally start painting. (In the picture Tom took, below, you can see the baking soda covered rocking chair too.)

After the painting was done, I went on the hunt for new hardware. At Hobby Lobby, I found just what I was looking for: some colorful knobs that would add interest to the piece and go well in the room.

Unfortunately, I needed 10 knobs, and they only had the two. So now I’m waiting on 8 more to come in, and the dresser isn’t complete without it. But it won’t be long until I have my hands on them, hopefully.

I also needed a changing station on top of the dresser. There were three problems with just putting her changing pad on top by itself.

First, it would easily slide right off, and that was scary dangerous. Secondly, it had a little belt running under it that made it uneven and wobbly. And third, I wanted something more like a box to hold it, and I am no good at giving up what I want.

What I decided to do was build a customized changing station for the dresser. It would sit on top, and I could take it off when she was potty trained. I wanted it to have a section for the pad, for the diapers, for the wipes, for lotion and powder, and for diaper cream and vaseline.

After enlisting Ben, my brother-in-law, to let me use his nail gun and showing him my plans, he told me it’d be easier if he just built the box himself with his table saw. I was so excited when I got my box from him!

I began by painting the inside black.

Then I covered all the edges in batting.

Next, I took leftover fabric from the chair and covered the box with it. I also covered some cardboard pieces with fabric and laid it down in the smaller boxes where you’d see the bottom of them at times.

Then I filled it up and it went on top of the dresser. It fits great, and it’s so heavy, there’s definitely no chance of her sliding off while I change her diaper!

So, here’s the dresser, complete with the changing station:

Again, it still needs eight knobs. But it’s almost done!

And soon, a sweet little girl will be using it. Kind of funny to think that all of that work is to make it easier for us to wipe her behind.

But it’s totally worth it. I’m happy with the way it turned out!

Β ~Meghan

15 thoughts on “JoJo’s Dresser/Changing Station”

  1. Great job!! I wish I was that creative when I was pregnant. We just took the short cut and bought a changing table, etc…. We wound up spending so much money, although we did get to use everything for 2 kids. But still. That dresser will grow with her and that’s awesome.

    1. Aww, thanks! Yeah, it takes a little longer, but in the end it cost us less to reupholster or paint furniture that we got as hand-me-downs, flea-market and estate sale finds, etc. And it looks customized that way! =) Hopefully the dresser will survive her toddler years. haha

  2. I am in awe! You did such a great job. I know who I am asking for help when the time comes for us. The nursery is just precious!

    1. Thank you! I would be happy to come over and help you paint or put my staple-gun to use! =) Y’all just need to hurry up and join us in parenthood. πŸ˜‰

  3. Love this! You did a fantastic job…and props to your bro-in-law for that box. Love the idea of the dresser staying part of the room, even after she’s outgrown the changing table. Wishing you all the best while you finish out your pregnancy.

    1. Thanks, Milli! Ben is great at building stuff. I told him he should sell the boxes for moms who want something specific in their changing station, like I did.

  4. The whole set looks awesome! Props to you for the DIY efforts πŸ˜€ I agree, they make things more your own.

    I have a dresser that a friend gave me when I was living in Atlanta. It’s been kind of awkward to have sometimes, but I’ve totally kept it over the years because I’ve wanted it to be a changing table in the nursery if/when we have kids.

    Also, Ben should totally make and sell those bad boys – even just some blank wood ones for people to customize themselves. Can I go ahead and pre-order one? If it doesn’t get used for a baby changing station, then I can always use it for craft stuff πŸ˜€

    1. Thank you! I told him he needs to sell them. I think he could definitely make some $$ on etsy with them! But we’ll see if he’s really interested. Might’ve been a one-time, just-bc-he’s-the-uncle type of thing.

  5. Meghan,

    This is AMAZING!!! You defiantly need to help me when we have a child one day! Jo Jo is one lucky little girl!!

  6. You amaze me so much! You have such a knack for making things just right! It’s great that the furniture will grow with her. Lanie probably wouldn’t like me telling you this, but her changing table is still in her room. It’s covered with stuffed animals and various toys from her childhood that she d0esn’t want to part with. You really can’t tell what it is for all the stuff it holds.

    Can’t wait to meet your little one. (and you will be wiping her butt a lot and she’ll look marvelous while you do it!)

    1. Thanks, Annie! That’s okay, as long as Lanie is using it for storage and not for a changing table still, there’s no shame in keeping old furniture around! πŸ˜‰ We can’t wait to meet Josey either!

  7. so weird, my first comment never went through! it wasn’t very special. just an enthusiastic “nice!.” haha…but it still irritates me that it didn’t go through!

    any who, i came back b/c i was wondering what you did with the mirror. i’m sure you are so over doing projects, but i bet if you sanded and painted it with a pop or color (like something in the coral family of your color palette) it would look stunning! or a glossy white would also look incredible…. babies love mirrors so much, could be a great piece to hang somewhere for little bit to entertain herself!

    1. I was planning to try selling it on Craigslist. But then the mirror came out of the frame on accident. I need to ask my father-in-law, who works in the glass industry, what is the best way to secure it back in place. Then I will probably sell it. I have a different mirror up in her room! =)

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