Super Lisa

You all were so sweet with your comments from yesterday’s post about Josey’s changing station. Thank you!

One thing I noticed was that several of you commented on how much energy I have this far into my pregnancy. I had to laugh. You are seeing a few photos of work that took me roughly two weeks total to complete when it should have taken half of that. Or less.

What you didn’t see was that my entire house was covered in dog fur. Our bathroom was disgusting. Our floors looked awful. Dust was on every surface.

All my effort had been going into Josey.

Shopping to get final things before she arrived. Putting things in place- her pack’n’play, her carseat, etc. Putting together meals that I could freeze. Packing bags for me, Tom, and Josey’s stay at the hospital.

Tom and I had touched up the walls in Josey’s room with caulk in areas where the beadboard had seams, and we had begun a second coat of paint… but we hadn’t finished it.

And at the end of every day, I was completely exhausted. So the housework, which I wanted to get done before she arrived too, just slid.

Enter my amazing sister-in-law, Lisa. She and my brother Jonathan have 4 kids. On MLK Day, she asked her mom to watch them for her, and instead of doing something for herself, she came over to our house.

She painted the rest of the beadboard while I worked on Josey’s changing table box.

After that, she busted out her vacuum cleaner. It’s one of those MEGA cleaners that can work on carpet, hardwood…pretty much any surface. It has a tray of water to let it steam clean, and it works really well!

So. She busted out that sucker as well as some of our cleaning supplies, and the next thing I knew, I had a squeaky clean house. She scrubbed, vacuumed, and wiped until everything gleamed. She worked until well after the sun went down.

While Lisa did that, Tom touched up spots on the wall that needed it. Spots that required a step-ladder to reach, only I’ve been told not to climb any ladders.

And I was cleaning up. Lots of scraps of fabric and batting, staples that malfunctioned, a paint tarp, and more. I cleaned out the trash and put away the rest.

By the time we were done, it was time to eat.

Lisa had, in one day, done what would have stretched out over a week for me at this point in my pregnancy. I had so many things to do and move so slowly these days, there’s no way I could’ve done it all so quickly.

So we ate some Mexican food (no, it obviously did not jumpstart labor for me), and Lisa headed out around 10pm.

She a is a total super-star, and she kept saying with all the projects I’ve been doing, she wanted me to have one day to just put up my feet before Josey arrived and not worry about cleaning or anything else.

I am so grateful for all she did that I can’t really find words to show my appreciation. So I thought I should at least publicly sing her praises.

Thank you, Lisa!


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  1. Thanks, Meghan! As they say at Chick-fil-a, “MY PLEASURE!” you have done such an amazing job on Josey’s room. All your creative ideas and hard work have resulted in a nursery fit for a princess…Princess Josey!

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