I told my mom yesterday that even though I love babies, until I had my own, I never was all that entertained by just staring at them. I mean, they are cute and sweet, but they don’t do much.

But with Josey, I feel differently. When she is awake, I stop what I’m doing just to look at her pretty eyes and talk to her. I find myself fascinated with her little face and am completely delighted if she so much as deigns to smile at me.

So when she was lying on a pillow, kicking her feet against me and throwing her arms around, you know I was loving it. I whipped out my phone to take a video and captured one of her sweet smiles.

I don’t expect everyone else in the world to be as captivated by my baby as I am, but I still thought I would share the video. She really does have the sweetest smile.



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