Two Month Check-Up

Yesterday, I took Josey for her two month check-up. It included a round of vaccinations via 3 separate shots.

Good gosh. It was awful.

Here I was holding her little hands. She was staring at me contentedly, and then the shots happened. The look on her face about did me in, and then the screams and crying were almost more than I could take.

I had to fight back the tears, and the nurse asked me if I was okay. I probably would have let myself just cry if I had had on waterproof mascara. But I had to go buy her some children’s Tylenol afterward and didn’t want mascara streaked down my face in Publix.

Oh poor Josey. I hate knowing that she has to do that every time she has a doctor’s appointment for her whole first year. But I know it’s what needs to be done so she can avoid life-threatening illnesses. And I know she won’t remember it.

Sure is hard on this mama, though.

But the beginning of the visit was great. I had been so curious about her weight and length.

You ready for this?

At two months old, Josey weighs 13lbs, 10.5 oz, and is 25 inches long.

She is 97th percentile for weight and over 97th percentile for length.

Her head circumference is in the 50-75th percentile, so even though she is overall the size of an average 5-month old, her head is right on track, as it should be.

I love those roly-poly thighs and arms, chins and cheeks. =)

And hopefully, today, those little thighs won’t be so sore.


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