Baby Favorites- Months 1 and 2

I promised I would share some of my favorite things I’ve used with Josey for the first couple of months to a friend of mine who is also expecting. And then I thought, why not share it on the blog? That way other moms can chime in with their favorite things too! And other mommys-to-be can check out the list as well!

I think I will start doing this once a month since new items we have for Jo will be used as she gets older. Here is my list of my favorite things we’ve used the first couple of months:


1. Pampers Swaddlers.


I have tried Huggies. I’ve tried Pampers Baby Dry diapers too. Wasn’t a fan.

Pampers Swaddlers are awesome. Other diapers shift (which lets poop leak out), can be too tight, and generally just haven’t worked as well for me.

I also recommend you use Amazon Mom with “Subscribe and Save” to order your diapers. I got a big ol’ box of 206 diapers for about $.19/diaper with that system. I would have to hope for coupons and sales to all line up for me every month to continuously get those prices.

*UPDATE* Around 4 months old, Josey needed a bigger size than we could find in the swaddlers, so we started using Pampers Cruisers for her in size 4+. We have really liked them as well.

2. Safety 1st Easy Saver Diaper Pail


I first saw this pail when I was nannying Will. I had been convinced that someday I would have a Diaper Genie. It was the diaper pail I loved. And then I met this one.

With the Diaper Genie, you have to squish the diaper down into the pail and then twist it off to block the smell. When using it, I hated having to stick my hand down into the pail with the diaper. And the refill bags are about $20 for 3 refills. I’m not hating on the Diaper Genie; it’s great. It’s just not the choice for me.

This diaper pail is simple. You use a regular kitchen trash bag, so it’s VERY cheap to replace the trash bag. To toss a diaper, you just push the button on top, and the round center pops up. You toss the diaper in the hole, and then put the center back down.

The inside of the center has a place to put a deodorizer to fight any smells. As long as you take the trash out regularly, it doesn’t get stinky in the nursery.

The price tage of this pail is great too, at $20 a pail. Much cheaper than most!

3. Timi & Leslie Diaper Bag (The Hannah).


I love this diaper bag. It comes with a little matching clutch to use for your stuff so that when you are headed somewhere without the baby, you just pull it out of the diaper bag and go. But the whole diaper bag looks like a purse, so even when you take the baby with you, you’re in style!

It also comes with straps to hang it from your stroller or grocery cart, a shoulder strap, a bottle keeper, a bag for soiled clothes, and a changing pad. It’s pretty awesome.


I use the Ameda Purely Yours pump that I bought from a friend, and it’s great. I also have bottles and a great bottle warmer that I like. But I nurse more than anything, so I’m going to skip talking about bottles and such. If you are interested in what I have and like, let me know, and I’ll post about those as well!

I will say this- it’s worth owning a breast pump. When you first start nursing, that first month is painful, you’re trying to figure it out, and I personally dealt with engorgement and a blocked milk duct. It’s VERY nice to have a pump to help move things along. And if you do skip a feeding and give a bottle, you’ll want to pump later to be more comfortable. Worth it.

1. Nursing Bras.

I LOVE the Medela Ultra Stretch Nursing Bra from – believe it or not- Babies R Us. It is one you can sleep in or just wear around the house. This was the only one I bought before Josey arrived because I heard that you get so much bigger after your milk comes in. (You really do.) It stretches to accomodate varying sizes you will be when nursing.

I also got some more normal nursing bras at Motherhood Maternity. They have all different styles and sizes, so I recommend waiting until a week or two after you have the baby and going to try them on. Your milk should be in by then, so you can be more sure of getting the right size. Just make sure you have at least one nursing bra like the one I linked to above to get you through until then.

2. Nursing Pads- Cloth is the way to go.

I registered for disposable nursing pads, and I also bought some washable cloth ones. Turns out that disposable ones don’t stay put as well, and they can cause infection because they don’t allow the air to circulate.

My favorite nursing pads are actually some that were made for me by one of my friend’s moms out of old t-shirts, and they’re awesome. But the ones I bought (Avent Washable Breast Pads) are also great.

3. Nursing Pillows

 I have both a Boppy and a My Brest Friend pillow. I had never heard of the latter until a friend gave it to me. Here’s the My Brest Friend:


And here’s the Boppy:


Honestly, I think they are both great, and I’m lucky to have one of each.

The My Brest Friend is nice because it has a padded strap that goes around your back and buckles so the pillow stays in place around your waist. In the first few weeks, this was AWESOME for me, because I could put my little newborn on it while it was strapped around me and feed her while putting on my make-up when I had somewhere to be and limited time to get ready.

The Boppy is upstairs in our room, and I love it for night feedings. I can quickly pull it around me without needing to fumble with a buckle or wrapping it around my back. It’s great for times when you have your arms free to nurse but want some extra support for the baby’s body.

They both come in a variety of styles and have covers you can buy for them.


1. Fisher Price Ocean Wonders Deluxe Tub


There are a lot of tubs out there, and this is the one we got. I love it.

It’s easy to clean, the color works for both boys and girls, and it holds Josey really well. It also has an indicator on the bottom that lets you know if the water is the right temperature for a baby (of course, I still test it with my elbow first).

She gets a bath every other day right now, so having a good tub for her is important to me. And as she grows, you can adjust the tub to fit her growing body.

Also, it has a hook on the top so you can hang it from a shower rod and let it drip dry out of the way.

2. Munchkin Shampoo Rinser


Who would have known that a $5 impulse buy at Target could be so awesome?

I was tired of using drinking cups to rinse Josey during her baths, and when I saw this, it seemed perfect. Turns out, it was perfect.

It’s soft, so it doesn’t hurt when I press it against her head to rinse shampoo, it holds plenty of water, and it has a handle. It’s not slippery either. Love it.

3. Hooded Towels

Not much to say about this. I just love having hooded towels for Josey because it keeps her little head covered when she’s wet from the tub, and I’m drying her off and getting her dressed. I don’t want her getting too cold.

And ok…it’s also super cute!

Naps and Bedtime

1. HALO Sleep Sacks


These blankets are great. You don’t want to put a baby to sleep with a loose blanket because of the risk of suffocation. But with these blankets that they wear, you zip them into their blanket. And for the littler sizes, it has flaps that you can wrap around the arms to swaddle your baby as well. Awesome.

They come in both micro-fleece and cotton to fit your baby’s needs for warm and cold weather months.

2. Summer Infant Complete Coverage Video Monitoring System


I LOVE this monitor set. It shows her in color if the lights are on, and we can also see her on the video monitor if her room is pitch black.

We have the big monitor in our kitchen, and I keep the portable one in our room. If I need to run an errand while she naps, I just hand that one to Tom in the office while he works. Easy peasy!


1. Chicco KeyFit 30 Infant Car Seat


This is our exact carseat (the style is “Cubes”), and we got it in gray because it would work for a boy or girl.

This carseat is awesome. Not only does it have great safety reviews, but it’s so easy.

The base gets secured into your car, and then the carseat locks into the base. Then, when you need to take the carseat out, you just lift it out while holding a button in to unlock it. No more need to fumble with the seatbelt every time you need to take the baby out of or put the baby into the car.

You can also buy additional bases if you have more than one vehicle that you will regularly use to transport the baby.

2. B.O.B. Stroller


Specifically, we have the B.O.B. Revolution SE (and yes, we got ours in orange).

I cannot praise this stroller enough. It is SO smooth, it turns on a dime because the front wheel swivels, it can handle all kinds of terrain, you can jog with it as easily as take it to the mall, and it has accessories for all your needs.

For now, we have a bar that we have attached that Josey’s carseat locks onto to keep it securely in place while she’s too little to sit up in the stroller on her own. We also have the handlebar console that has two cupholders and a zippered pouch to hold keys, pacis, phone, etc.

Other accessories include covers for weather, sun, and bug protection and a tray for snacks and drinks for your toddler.

This stroller also comes in a double (called the Duallie) for families with more than one kid in a stroller.

The price tag is higher than many strollers, but these are durable, awesome strollers and WORTH EVERY PENNY.

3. JJ Cole Car Seat Cover


We bought this car seat cover because we were having a January baby. The last thing I wanted was to worry about whether Josey was going to be too cold every time we got outside the house.

This cover is great. You just pull it over the rim of the carseat, and it stays put with the elastic band holding it in place.

The cover part can flip up over the baby’s face if it’s really cold, snowing, or raining to protect them while you walk from the car to the building or vice versa. (Obviously don’t leave it up once you get inside.)

The cover also zips open (and completely off if you need it to) if it’s too warm for the baby.

We aren’t using this right now since it’s so warm, but it was a great item to have for the winter.


1. WubbaNub Pacifier


Oh man, JoJo LOVES her Wub. These pacis are attached (as you can see) to tiny stuffed animals.

Many babies have a hard time keeping the pacis in their mouths as they suck, and moms and dads end up having to hold the paci in with their fingers. With the WubbaNub, the stuffed animal puts a little pressure against the paci, helping to hold it in place.

The animal rests on the baby’s chest. It’s not perfect; the paci still falls out at times, but it’s MUCH better than having to use your finger to provide pressure all the time. Sometimes Josey is holding onto the animal and accidentally pulls it out of her mouth. I’m still a fan.

2. Fisher Price Infant to Toddler Rocker


This is a great chair (and they have different styles in case pink isn’t what you’re looking for!). JoJo loves to look at the flower and butterflies that hang from it, and I can take that bar off if I want an unobstructed view of her. I also rock it with my foot when she is sitting in it and I’m busy working on the computer or doing something else.

You can also turn on vibration to soothe the baby while they sit in the seat. If you don’t want movement, you can pull the bar underneath forward and it will stabilize the chair. You can strap the baby in to keep from slipping down in the chair.

And when they get to be toddlers, just adjust the seat up more to a sitting position (versus reclining) and take the butterfly bar off. It becomes a toddler-sized rocking chair! Cute.

3. Infantino Vintage Twist and Fold Activity Gym


I love that this activity gym could work for a boy or a girl. Josey has been playing on this since she was two or three weeks old. I have it set up in our bathroom now so that she can look at the animals (and punch and kick them) while I get ready in the mornings.

One cool feature is that you can twist the little tab on the top (on the orange plastic piece on top), and it straightens the arched “arms” of it. You can pull the mat up into it, and roll it up to take with you quickly and easily. It takes up very little space when folded up.

To get it back to normal, you just spread the mat part back out and then press down on the orange plastic part. It press out on the arms and locks them into place. Super easy.


So those have been my very favorite things (besides clothing) for the last two months. She is about to get some new things in her Easter basket, so I’m sure I’ll have new things to add next month!

Anything else to add from your baby’s first couple of months, other moms?


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