Easter. Next Year, We Will Train For It.

This year, as we do every year, Tom and I headed to Covington for Easter to spend it with family.

(My parents.)

(Tom’s parents.)

It was our first time taking Josey to church, and it was the first time that most people at the church I grew up in had ever gotten to meet her.

That was really special to me, because I was raised in that church and have known many people there my entire life. Most of the ladies were at my Covington baby shower for Josey. Some of them have kids that I used to babysit. So surreal to bring my own sweet baby to meet them all!

And of course, Easter is always a wonderful reminder of how God loves us. What a sacrifice! I could no sooner send Josey to die for others than I could sprout wings and fly. Being a parent has spoken volumes to me about how much God loves me.

And then, there was also the other side of Easter.

Tom gave me a hard time about the size of Josey’s Easter basket.

I had stuffed it full of goodies because she couldn’t eat candy. My mom added in the book gift sets, and my mother-in-law gave her the little basket on the right.

Here’s the deal- next year, she is going to need a big basket.

I am totally going to train Josey for egg hunting. Yes, it is just supposed to be cute and fun. And it will be.

But I want her to have a fighting chance.

See these sweet faces?

Well, they know how to hunt some eggs. It took me 20 minutes to hide all the eggs at my mom and dad’s house. It took them no time to find them.

I mean, I had clamped them onto leaves of branches on the inner area of trees, and they had no trouble. Some accidentally fell by spider webs, and they still picked them up.

They only one they needed assistance finding was one I hid in my dad’s truck. And they didn’t look there because…who would? It wasn’t part of the garden.

And I’ll tell you why. People these days don’t fill Easter eggs with candy. Nope. They fill them with coins.

And these kids find that a strong motivator. Heck. I find it a strong motivator. I could’ve gotten a pair of shoes if I had taken them all out shopping with me!

So next year, Josey is gonna train for the egg hunt like it’s the Olympics. Mama wants some new espadrilles.

Just kidding!

Kind of.


7 thoughts on “Easter. Next Year, We Will Train For It.”

  1. Jay and I were talking about Mike and Ally’s first egg hunt the other day. Mike just stood there when all the other kids were running around like crazy grabbing all of the eggs and Ally picked up one egg and that was it. She was fascinated with that one egg. That’s when mom and dad took action. 😉
    Great pics. Now I know what Tom will look like with gray hair. He looks exactly like his dad.

    1. awww! I look forward to Josey’s first actual participation in an egg hunt. I wonder if she will try to keep up with her cousins or if she’ll just want to play with one egg like Ally? haha

  2. That made me laugh because James had Ella training (seriously) for her first “big girl” egg hunt this year. She hunted eggs with 4 kids who were all 2-8 years older than her, so James wanted her to get some eggs. She did well – she got about 8 of them!

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