Las Montañas

Back in November 2010, Tom and I headed to Ellijay, GA to enjoy some time away in a mountain cabin.

Today, we’re heading back. We’ll be in a different cabin this time, but it’s through the same (dog-friendly) company. We’ll pack up the pooches and Josey and take off for a long weekend of relaxing and celebrating our fourth anniversary.

I’m SO excited. Hot tubs, hikes, and mountain vistas? Heck yeah, baby.

The guys at 8BIT wanted to do something nice for Tom after they released a product to a new group of customers. Tom was the developer for the project, and it required a LOT of his time.

They were so sweet to see a need for rest and surprise Tom with this trip! Since it was so close to April 5th, we decided to use this gift as an anniversary getaway!

With Tom working from home most days, he doesn’t really get “away from the office” as easily as most people do by driving home from work. But when we go on a vacation, we get to unplug from work and recharge. Nothing but relaxation.

And food. We are grilling out for dinners and will be eating some delicious steaks and chicken that’s already marinating. Mmm.

We having some rather decadent sweets too. We pretty much never have donuts, but I am a Krispy Kreme lover, and I picked up some donuts for this trip.

I also rarely buy zebra cakes (and when I do, I hide them so that I don’t have to share them with anyone but Tom), but they will be making the trip with us as well.


And yes, it’s a little embarrassing that I’m almost as excited about eating a donut as I am about the entire trip. But what can I say? I’m easy to please.

Have a great weekend!


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