This Trip Was LEGEN..wait for it..DARY!

(You’ll have to excuse my title. I’ve been watching the first six seasons of How I Met Your Mother on Netflix.)

Tom and I got back from Ellijay yesterday, and we had a great time! As I said before, we used Sliding Rock Cabin Rentals (it was our second time with them), and it was another wonderful experience. Both cabins we have stayed at in Ellijay were great.

Here’s the one we stayed at this time. It’s called Seclusion, and it really lived up to its name.

The driveway took us far from the road. We couldn’t see or hear anyone out there!

View from living room window to porch.

Upstairs Porch.

Hot tub view.

Downstairs porch.

Yard they made so deer would come feed. It was steeper than it looks.

And because they cleared out to make a yard, we had a LOT of firewood. This was the supply AFTER we had fires going for three days.

The dogs LOVED getting to come on vacation with us, especially because they got to go on hikes with us and burn some of their excessive terrier energy. Tom and I were so impressed with them.

We would have had a hard time hiking through the woods with them before they were trained, but now, Tom was able to walk them easily up and down the mountains, through steams (even though they hate getting wet), and without any issues of them pulling due to wanting to chase squirrels or birds.

I was hauling around Josey, so I didn’t handle the dogs as much. One day, we took a trail by the cabin and hiked for about 2.5 hours. It took us to a pretty stream, and Tom climbed out over this fallen tree and took some pictures. I don’t know if you can tell, but he was about 12 feet off the ground here.

This is the stream at its widest point. So pretty out there!

We climbed up to another trail and came out on this view of a railroad track in front of the mountains (the tracks are on the other side of the clearing).

Another day, we drove to Amicalola Falls State Park and hiked to the falls. “Amicalola” is Cherokee for “tumbling waters.” These falls are the highest in the southeast. They fall 729 feet. This picture is taken from a bridge in the middle of the falls, looking up.

Josey slept through the hike. In fact, she slept through the majority of our hiking. When she was awake, she was staring up at the trees and the sky. Happy camper!

View from the top of the falls.

After we made it to the waterfall, we weren’t ready to go back, so we hiked some other trails there. It was fun to just get out and explore a bit.

We came across this tree that was mostly gone. The inside looked like paper instead of wood.

We took in the view one more time and headed back.

This was an awesome trip. We wore ourselves out hiking every day, and we found an activity that we can all enjoy as a family. I’m definitely going to look for some local hiking areas for us to try out now that we’re home again.

If you’re in the Atlanta area and looking for a place to vacation that’s not too far to drive, I highly recommend renting a cabin in Ellijay. And if you want to bring your dogs, I recommend Sliding Rock Cabin Rentals. We have had nothing but positive experiences!


12 thoughts on “This Trip Was LEGEN..wait for it..DARY!”

    1. Ha! I did not, but we have a friend who had to chop wood as a chore ALL THE TIME growing up and I bet Tom has done that over there at some point. I would love to see how 8BIT could use that skill. hahaha

  1. After reading about the bears on your previous trip to Ellijay I was a little apprehensive about your hiking around with little Josey. So glad everything went well. The scenery was
    very — shall I say — “picturesque” 🙂 Do you remember our going to Amicalola Falls when you were little?

    1. I was nervous about that too, but we stuck to the trails…for the most part… 😉 We didn’t spot a single bear, thank goodness!

      I don’t remember going when I was little. I thought that this was my first time! haha I guess that’s where the pictures of our family in the mountains when I was about 2 are from? But yes, it was very picturesque scenery! LOL Nice throwback to Europe, mom! 😉

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