And then there’s the decorative stuffed fox.

Thanks for all the kind comments about my last post (both here and on twitter & facebook!). Tom and I really enjoyed our trip.

One thing I always get a kick out of when on vacation is the way people decorate …and I use that term loosely…their vacation homes. It seems like people just buy random junk and then, when they can’t think of where to put it, they say, “I know! I’ll put it in the cabin!” (Or beach house if that’s what they own.)

I did a quick once-over of the cabin while Tom was showering on our last morning there. I mention what Tom was doing because I didn’t get to take a picture of the towel holder in the bathroom. It was a tiny wooden stirrup. Yes, as in where your foot goes on a saddle. And it had what looked like was a miniature sheriff’s star on it.


I keep looking at this picture and wishing I had paid more attention to this weird statue on the porch by the bench on the right. I have no idea what this thing is about.

Moving inside, it was very obvious that the owners were very patriotic.

Even the fridge was patriotic…

But the fridge was also home to a freaky gnome. (I find all gnomes freaky. They’re not for me.)

Here’s a random face on the wall.

There was also a lot of stuff to reference skiing. Which I would get if we were in the mountains of some other state, but in Georgia, nobody skis. Or have moose roaming free.

In one bedroom, there was a wall of famous people with plastic instead of glass in the frames. Our take-away was that they are Elvis fans. And that they don’t want someone to knock a picture to the floor and shatter glass.

In the other bedroom, there was a really random assortment. An old photo of two young men about to have a duel next to an “ethnic Raggedy Ann doll” (I looked it up online, and that’s what it’s called).

All of that was surrounded with bear paraphernalia (which at least made more sense because there actually are bears in the north Georgia mountains).

On the other side of that bedroom is a picture of what I assume to be the owners’ grandkids dressed in saloon attire, a mirror surrounded by antlers, a canteen, and a metal star.

And then there’s the decorative stuffed fox on the mantel. Next to the vase of fake flowers and the potpourri being held up by antlers.

That was our favorite. We were tempted to put it on the ground and see what the dogs would do, but then I decided that I didn’t want to have to pay for damages to an animal that was already dead.

It’s fascinating to me to see the things people think make a place look decorated and homey. I really did love the cabin we stayed in, but it was no exception to the “vacation home is a place for all my random crap” rule that people seem to live by.

I actually look forward to seeing all the weird stuff that people use to decorate their home(s) away from home. What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever come across in a rental?

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  1. The Comanche lodge we like to stay at has this giant carved head that sits in front of one of the fireplaces that we have to turn around to face the other way every time. It is seriously creepers.

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