Powdered Laundry Detergent Vs. Liquid Laundry Detergent

I have been making homemade laundry detergent for the last couple of years. It saves our family lots of moolah, and it’s easy to do.

In the past, I’ve made the liquid version, but this time around, I wanted to do the powdered kind to see if it would work as well. I was cleaning out my laundry room and thought it might also be nice to not have a five gallon bucket of soap in there taking up space.

So, here is the powdered homemade laundry detergent recipe I used (thank to the Duggar’s website):

*1 grated bar of Fels Naptha Bar Soap

*1 cup of Arm & Hammer Super Washing Soda

*1/2 cup of Borax

I also added some Purex crystals to the batch I made for me and Tom, for the scent. I left a smaller batch “crystal-free” for Josey’s laundry.

Mix all ingredients, and you’re done!

You use a tablespoon of detergent per load. Easy, peasy!

I made a double batch for mine and Tom’s laundry. Here’s a picture:

I have nothing against the liquid detergent. It has served me well for the last two years!

But I am LOVING the powdered detergent.

Not only do I get to keep it in a cute little jar with a cute little tablespoon to scoop it, but it takes up less space, makes less mess, and it’s even faster to make. I also don’t have to haul around a 5 gallon bucket every few weeks to refill the detergent dispenser.

Another benefit that I didn’t think of until I was traveling with a baby, is that it travels easily! I can always count on something getting dirty from spit-up or an overflowing diaper or…something!

So now I just scoop a few tablespoons into a ziplock bag and pack it when we go out of town. I don’t have to worry about stains!

(Here’s a tip, if it you don’t have any stain removers on hand: Rinse the spot off then make a paste of the laundry detergent and water. Rub the paste into the dirty spot. When you can, launder as usual. I did this with a onesie that a diaper had blown out on, and it washed right out two days later when we got back from vacation!)

So if you’re trying to decide between the two, this is my vote!


7 thoughts on “Powdered Laundry Detergent Vs. Liquid Laundry Detergent”

  1. Normal, safe topic for a blog post and then I saw the phrase “blown up on”. Friend, in the nicest way possible, you make me gag :). Haha!

  2. I also like the idea of “less space” needed. I have a small laundry room and the 5 gallon bucket takes up a lot of space. I’m going to have to do more research to see if the powdered version of is safe to use with front loader washers.

    1. From what I’ve read, it is great with front loaders too. And I have been doing laundry with it for about a month and feel as though I’ve barely made a dent in my supply. I think it will still last quite a while.

  3. The only draw back that I see with this is that you only get 40 loads with this batch and with the liquid you get so much more.

  4. I have been told powder doesn’t work as well when using cold water. We always use cold water to wash. If you use cold water, have you noticed a difference?

    1. I do cold water most of the time, and always for Josey’s clothes. They still come out fresh and clean! I tend to start the water coming in and add the detergent. Then I let the water continue to fill for a few minutes before adding the clothes. That way, I know the detergent is mixed in well. But even when I’m impatient and just toss it on top of the clothes, they are clean! No issues with cold water!

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