Conversations with Josey

Our Jellybean turned 3 months old Saturday. She seems very chill around other people, taking it all in. People frequently tell us that they don’t believe she knows how to cry.

But when it’s just our little family at home, she has a lot to say, laughs a good bit, yells when she wants something, and kicks around and waves her arms like crazy. And yes, she sure knows how to cry.

And how to fake a cry.

And how to fake a cough, even. Her pediatrician and I had a good laugh when she faked one during a doctor’s visit last Friday. That’s probably the one place she isn’t going to fool anyone.

Here’s a video of Jo “talking” to me and Tom. It’s so funny to us the way that she will make noises as if she is saying separate words and full sentences. We also love her various expressions as she shares her thoughts.

Watch out, world. It looks like this one might be as loquacious as her mama.

9 thoughts on “Conversations with Josey”

  1. I love this! As soon as I started playing it, Ella ran over and starting waving at Josey, saying, “Hey, Baby!! Hey, Baby!!” I think they’re going to be buddies!

    1. Aww! I can’t wait for y’all to see her again. She has already grown and changed so much, and it’s more obvious in person! We need to get a cousin picture!

  2. I want the audio clip from this video, with Josey’s “words” edited out. Just so I can have you and Tom reaffirming what I say with “baby talk voices” 😀

  3. Hey she’s adorable!!!! I would luv to get to see u and her!!! I miss u sooooooooo much!!! Hopefully i can come to gwinett

    1. Thank you! I miss you too, and would love to see you soon! I’ll start bringing Josey in June, so if you come sometime then, you can meet her! I’ll be missing Transit the first Sunday in June, though.

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