She Loves Music.

Josey has loved music since I was pregnant. She used to dance along with me when I would play it in the car or when Tom would play guitar.

Not much has changed except that now we can see her expressions as she hears it. So fun! She LOVES it.

And I think she especially loves all the attention of having her daddy play guitar and sing to her. Thankfully, she likes our music because we don’t play nursery songs so much as stuff we like (everything from punk to John Mayer to oldies). haha

Here’s a video where Tom was playing a song called My Life Story by MXPX, and Josey was having a blast.

I can’t wait until she has her own guitar and Tom is teaching her how to play. That should be pretty cute.


6 thoughts on “She Loves Music.”

  1. She is one intelligent little princess!!! She is so focused on Tom while he is playing and so interactive. I love watching her!!! You two are so very blessed and especially that your work allows you to spend so much time with her. she is gorgeous!!! Love, Stacy and David

  2. So cute::) i know im randomly postin on ur comments!!!! :):) she is adorable ily

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