Strawberry Lemonade

Yesterday, Lisa (my sis-in-law) and I put together a little lunch for my mom at Lisa’s house. My brother was able to leave work early and be there. And also in attendance were their four kiddos and Josey.

It was an early mother’s day lunch since we won’t make it out to Covington on Sunday. Lisa made chicken salad and set a beautiful table, and I brought a big bowl of cut up fresh fruit and some yummy strawberry lemonade.

I actually made a HUGE batch, and this is all that was left. I didn’t want to make a punch- just a simple lemonade.

But the color still made it nice and pretty in glasses on the table, and it was much healthier than most punches anyway (which often have sprite/ginger ale, sherbert/ice cream, etc.).

If you want to try it for yourself, here’s what I did:

2 cans of lemonade concentrate

1 carton of fresh strawberries, washed and tops cut off

water, to taste

I combined the strawberries and the two cans of lemonade concentrate in the blender on liquefy. Once it was a nice, smooth mixture, I poured it into a huge bowl.

Then I added water until it was the strength of flavor I liked. I covered the bowl and set it in the fridge to chill overnight and really let the flavors infuse.

That’s it! So yummy and easy.

I think it would be so cute with some lemons and strawberries sliced and floating in it, but I didn’t do that. It was a hit anyway.

If you want a pretty but simple, fairly healthy, bright drink to serve this Mother’s Day (or anytime), try this one out!


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