New Stove!!

Tom and I have a stainless steel LG fridge that we love. We want to upgrade all of our kitchen appliances, but they’ve been low priority as we have had other areas of our house to focus on.

Until the nasty stove that came with our house died. Actually, the oven died while the stove top still worked.

The people who lived in our house before us apparently NEVER cleaned their stove after cooking, and the result was food so charred to the surface that NOTHING I did in years of cleaning could remove it.

I was eager for a new, clean stove, but I couldn’t justify buying one because it cooked just fine.

I had tried everything. Hired professionals before we moved in. Scrubbed, scraped, and wiped it down. Used every tip I could find on Pinterest. Nothing worked.

And then the oven died. Suddenly our low priority oven became a high priority to replace!

I looked and looked, decided to get an LG stove so the stainless would match seamlessly, and started shopping deals. Since we will have this stove for a long time, I wanted to get one I would love. But I did NOT want to pay full price.

My friend, Jenn, is an appliance shopping wizard. She can get anything for a great price and walked me through it. We ended up getting our new stove at about 25% off including tax, shipping, and hauling away our old one. Heck yes!

It arrived yesterday, after about a month with no oven. Ours has a small oven on top and a regular sized one below that can do convection baking. Woo!!!

There are 5 burners…and they’re all clean!

And the middle burner also comes with a griddle. That was kinda cool.

I’m so excited for a new stove/oven in our house!! I love it and had to share the excitement! Yay!


9 thoughts on “New Stove!!”

  1. Sweet deal!! About the new oven and the cookies. šŸ˜‰ It looks awesome. We have electric here at the rental. I’m hoping someday to have a gas stove/oven again. Haven’t used one since we moved out of New Jersey. Well enjoy it.

    1. Thanks! Yeah, we had electric when we lived in an apartment, and I prefer gas as well. But I am just grateful to have a working oven again!!

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