Baby Favorites- Months 3 and 4

I covered some of our favorite things for Josey for months 1 and 2 in an earlier post. I’ll cover some things that have gotten a lot of use in the two months since in this post!

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1. Fisher-Price Jumperoo (Rainforest)


Josey LOVES her jumperoo. It’s similar to an exersaucer (though we still want to get one of those too) in that the seat can rotate 360 degrees, and it has toys all around it for her to play with.

It allows her to jump up and down, which is great for her strong, busy little legs. Kinda wish they made these things for adults.

2. Summer Infant Super Seat Booster


Similar to the Bumbo seat, this one comes with a tray and toys surrounding it. The tray can come off.

The orange foamy insert is softer and good for little ones. It can come out later, and the green seat can be used as a booster for toddlers.

I’ve been using this as a high chair for Josey when she eats her baby food. It has worked well, but I would rather have a high chair for feedings. This one would be better for dry snacks later on.

3. Bright Starts Take Along Toy Bar (Tiger)


We use this on Josey’s carseat, and she loves it. It’s a great distraction when we’re loading her into the seat and then into the car. The tiger’s nose is a button that lights up and plays music when you press it.


1. The First Years Spin and Store Drying Rack


We run all of Jo’s bottles, containers, etc. through our dishwasher. They usually come out with water on/inside them, so I pop them onto this drying rack and leave them there until they are dry. It’s big enough to hold everything that goes through the wash.

2. Dr. Brown’s BPA-Free Natural Flow Bottle Warmer


I LOVE this bottle warmer. When I need to heat up milk to mix with her rice cereal or any other baby food, I use this.

It’s great. You can program it for amounts of time you use most often, and you can also just set it for any amount of time up to 8 minutes. It’s easy, and since it uses steam to heat the milk, you don’t get hotspots like you would in a microwave.

3. Munchkin BPA-Free Soft Tip Infant Spoon


When I nannied, these were my favorite of all the spoons I used. Still love them for Josey, and since 6 come per pack, two packs of them keep us covered.

4. Munchkin Dishwasher Baskets


We only use one of these at a time in our dishwasher since I nurse instead of bottle-feed, but when we are using sippy cups, we might need both. I love that it can hold straws out to the side. But for now, I just use it for lids of Josey’s stuff and the occasional bottle when I pump.

5. Bumkins Waterproof Superbib


I was given several of these bibs from a friend whose children no longer need them, and they are awesome. I used to use these when I nannied, but I didn’t have any of my own. I had forgotten how great they are! The little pocket catches whatever dribbles down, and the bib itself is waterproof.

6. Koala Baby Pullover Crew Bib


I love this bib and want to get some more. A lot of babies don’t like having a bib on and will try to pull it off. Josey does that sometimes, and with this bib, she can’t.

It’s also great because it’s snug (but not too snug) around the neck, so anything that drips down gets caught. And the bib itself is pretty wide, which covers the belly well.


1. Sunshine Kids Buggy Fan


We  bought this fan for the hot Georgia summers, and our visit to Disney was our first chance to test it out. It works on 2 AA batteries, and they lasted us the whole week in Florida.

Despite the low ratings online at, we had a great experience with the fan. It has plastic over the spring, so her little fingers couldn’t get caught in it. The fan blades are also protected well from little fingers- even a 4 month old couldn’t fit her fingers in to get hurt.

It doesn’t make a very strong breeze, but it’s enough for a baby to be cooled off a bit. We had it clipped to our stroller, so when it got folded up and thrown in the trunk, we would just take it off and toss it in there too. It got tossed around a bit, but it never broke- pretty durable!

2. Floppy Seat Ultra Plush Shopping Cart & High Chair Cover


I love this car seat/ high chair cover. Josey is at an age where she gets annoyed at being left in her car seat for long periods of time, but she’s not strong enough to sit up for long without slumping or sliding to the side. She is also at an age where she wants to put her mouth on everything.

This cover is so soft, so when she falls to the side a bit, she doesn’t get hurt. (I will also usually stick a blanket or something around her to help prop her up.) It also covers the handle and all edges so that she can’t teeth on them.

Another feature I like is that there are loops all along the front where you can attach toys and pacis. She has something to do while she sits, and I don’t have to worry about her stuff falling to the floor. It’s great.

3. Bricca Day & Night Light Musical Auto Mirror


We LOVE this mirror. It was in JoJo’s Easter basket from us, but it was more a present to us than her! I love that I can see her face when I look in the rearview mirror now. I can tell if she needs something or if she’s just being fussy. I can see when she’s quiet if she’s asleep or just being still. It’s awesome.

It also has a remote you slide on your visor (like a garage door opener), which has two buttons. One turns on and off the light (pretty dim), and the other turns on and off the music. Yes, the mirror plays music. It’s a good distraction when she’s gotten herself worked up over nothing and just needs something to snap her focus away from crying. After a minute or so, I turn it back off.

Love it, and couldn’t have done a roadtrip without it!


That’s all the new stuff we’ve been loving for Josey in the last two months! I’ll update again at six months with her new favorites!


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