The Art of a Tantrum

Josey has taught herself how to throw a fit. Or a temper tamtrum. Or whatever you call it in your house.

But she hasn’t quite figured out the art of how to get the tears out without me knowing they’re fake. It’s pretty funny, actually, because she’ll fuss then look over to make sure I’m watching, then fuss some more, then check in again, and so on.

You can even make her smile in the middle of it sometimes if you make a silly face at her. Then she’ll work back to her fit.

Here’s a video I grabbed (with my phone, sorry for the quality) a few minutes ago when she realized I had the lights off except for her lamp and that I was about to put her down for a nap.


Funny girl. She has been able to figure out when nap time is coming since she was about a month old, and she usually puts up a little resistance before falling asleep.

But this time was my favorite. Of course, it’s funny now. When she’s older, fits are no longer funny, and we’ll have to teach her that. But at 5 months, I figure, I’ll just laugh.


3 thoughts on “The Art of a Tantrum”

  1. I’m also excited to see that she’s inherited her mommy and her Aunt Kristen’s crazy ninja monkey foot skills. Welcome to the club, little one.

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