Shakes Her Head

You know how SMH is internet shorthand for “shake my head”…? Well, Jo can now officially put that out there. Ya know- if she could type. 😉

Her latest trick has been shaking her head. A few weeks ago, Tom was playing guitar for her and singing, and the next thing we knew, she was ROCKING OUT to the song, shaking her head and even head-banging a little. She is SO our daughter.

Since then, she will shake her head to certain songs, when she wants attention (she picked up on how funny we found it), and whenever else she feels like it.

Here’s a quick video of her shaking her head in anticipation of Tom tickling her neck:

I know that may not seem exciting- it’s not a new tooth or crawling (though she’s working on that one!), but it’s still pretty darn cute to us!


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