Baby Favorites- Months 5 and 6

Well, this is about a month overdue! Here are some of my favorite things Jo started using between turning 4 months old and turning 6 months old. Remember that credit for the picture goes to the place where I link you to the product!


1. Graco Contempo Chair

We love this high chair. It is definitely easier to clean up than the chair she was using before. The fabric part of the seat comes off and is machine washer safe. Ours has been coated with carrots and sweet potatoes and come out looking new so far.

It has two trays, one that lifts off, and that is great too since we can just run it through the dishwasher.

This high chair rolls, but you can lock the wheels too. I love that because I can just pull her into the kitchen with me as I warm up her food. And it FOLDS! Yes, this thing folds flat, which is going to be a great thing for storage someday when she’s too big for it and her siblings are too little for it.

Other features: you can buckle the baby in over the shoulders and around the waist OR just at the waist. You can lay the chair back a bit or sit it upright. Footrest for when they are a bit older. Tray is easy to put on or take off with one hand.

2. Munchkin Stay Put 3-Pack Suction Bowls

The boys I nannied had these, and I really liked them, so I got some for Jo. The lids close tight, and the bottoms suction onto flat surfaces. They are great for kids who feel the need to knock everything to the floor, and they come in 3 sizes. Dishwasher safe, too!


1. Children’s Tylenol with Syringe

This might sound a little “duh”, but the reason I list it is that I love the syringe. It is so much less messy and more precise to use this type of medication for your little ones! I have used the Equate and Tylenol brands, and both are great. I haven’t found Advil with the syringe, so it’s messier for me to use.

2. Bright Starts Lots of Links (or Ring-A-Links)

JoJo loves these. They are great for connecting other toys to her stroller or car seat so that when she throws them, they don’t fall out. But she likes them on their own just to bite. The different colors and textures are great, too.


1. Aquafresh Training Toothbrush and Toothpaste

This is the toothbrush and toothpaste that I found at the store, but there are several out there. We were told to start using a training toothbrush and toothpaste on Jo’s gums so that she would be used to it when she had teeth come in.

Well, no worries there. She loved it right off the bat! She gets very excited to brush her teeth (all two of them) each day, as well as her gums. In fact, she loves any toothbrush she can get! Our dentist gave her one too, and she plays with it all the time. Here’s to a kid who (hopefully) never gets a cavity!

2. Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes

This toy is one she received twice, and I’m glad I kept them both! She has one that goes with us in my diaper bag, and one that’s in the pack’n’play.

She likes the music and the bright lights, and now she likes to gnaw on the beads too.

Josey has plenty of other toys that she plays with, but this one stood out as a favorite.

3. iPad 3 (aka “The New iPad”)

You might roll your eyes at this, but hear me out. This thing ROCKS. Of course, if you have an iPhone, that’s just as good, but I don’t have one (yet).

Here’s why I love it: It has a camera that allows me to get photos and videos of Jo that I can share quickly and easily. It also lets her do “facetime” with her grandparents, aunts, and uncles (and her daddy when he’s at the office). She LOVES chatting with them over facetime.

I can use it to browse the internet, social networking sites, and my email when I am nursing, and I don’t wear down my phone battery doing it.

Because we have apple tv, we can watch videos I get of Jo on my iPad on our tv screen, which is fun. And she really likes seeing herself on screen. haha Such a ham.

It also has games you can let your little one play if you are willing to share. It’s a great device to own as a mama (or dad)!


So there is my list of new things from months 5 & 6. I hope you found that helpful. Don’t forget to check out favorites from months 1 & 2 and months 3 & 4!!


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