She Said Her First Word.

Whew. Life is busy here. Josey is crawling, pulling up, has two teeth with a third that’s broken through, and she is into EVERYTHING! For a while, she was chanting, “Blah, blah, blah” throughout her day, but we didn’t have a real first word.

She chatters non-stop. In fact, we started referring to her as our “loquacious baby” since she talks as much as I do. ha!

But then it happened. After almost eight months of me chanting, “Ma-Ma! Say, ‘MAMA! Maaaa-Maaaa! Mamamamamamama.’ Can you say ‘mama?'” She FINALLY said her first word this Monday.


Of course.

I had to laugh. He’s my favorite person in the world, and I adore him, so how can I fault our baby girl for loving him so much she said his name first?

It actually makes more sense than I’d like to admit. All my nephews and nieces would learn “TOM” before “Meghan.” And some would even see me, get excited, and say “Tom??” while looking behind me to see where I was hiding him, like he’s a toy I carry around in my purse.

Go figure.

Anyway, it’s pretty adorable.

I love hearing her say “Dada. Dadadada. DA-DA!!!!” throughout the day, especially when she sees him. So cute.

I tried to get her to do it for her GG when we chatted on facetime, but she looked at my mom and me as if to say, “Why would I call GG my dad’s name??” Oh well.

They really have such a sweet relationship. She loves when he feeds her dinner each night, and he is already teaching her guitar lessons (“No, don’t do that or it will hurt! Strum it like this! See?”).

She loves to play with him, wrestling around and laughing. Just like her daddy, she is extremely active.

She bounces up and down in my arms in excitement every time we go into the office to say hello, and he cherishes her version of a kiss and a hug (which I definitely get more of since I’m with her all day long).

He is an amazing daddy, and I’m not even jealous that she said his name first. That’s how much Jo and I both love him.


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  1. Tom is pretty awesome, I gotta say. Ella’s first family name (after Papa and GG, of course) was “Weesa,” and her second one was “Tom!!” He’s got such a special way with little kids.

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