“Where Did You Get That?”

One of the things I hear non-stop as Jo’s mama is “where did you get that _____ ?” You can fill in the blank with: hairbow, headband, dress, shorts, shirt, shoes, and even some of her baby gear.

I absolutely have a ball dressing Josey, and I’m happy to share where I find her things. To make it a little easier though, I thought I would do a blog post about it.

(Excuse the quality of the photos; most of these are screenshots from instagram.)

1. Zulily

Zulily is by far the place I get the majority of Josey’s cutest items.

It’s a savings site that emails new savings each day. They carry a multitude of brands at discount prices. And they carry things for adults and the home as well (I buy Tom’s Vibram 5-Fingers there at a HUGE discount, for example).

A few of my favorite brands to shop on Zulily include: Jelly the Pug, Liv and Monkey (owned by Jelly the Pug), Mud Pie, Hippo Hula, Snapping Turtle Kids, and TOMS.

All the other things I’ve bought there are just things that I’ve found browsing the emails and decided were just right for Jo.

Here are a few examples of things I have bought Josey (or she has been given from my mom) on Zulily.

(This feather dress gets asked about a lot. The brand is Bebe Oh La La, but I bought it on Zulily.)

(Dress and bloomers- can’t see the bloomers here- from Zulily, shoes- Target, headband- Naartjie)

(Hat from Zulily, shoes- Sketchers)

(Dress from Zulily, Bow from Swanky Bowtique)

They also allow members (it’s free) to invite friends to join by using an affiliate link, and if they sign up with it, you get a credit to your account. I used my affiliate link above, so if you are interested in joining, please click through with my link!

2. Swanky Bowtique

Bailey Oliver, the owner behind this shop, went to high school with me and makes the CUTEST hair accessories for her beautiful daughter. She began selling them, and no headbands and clips Jo has worn have gotten as many compliments as the ones I’ve received from this store.

Bailey custom makes hair clips, headbands, necklaces, and paci-clips. She has a quick turnaround, and she works hard to make sure she gets you EXACTLY what you’re looking for.

I had her make clips for Jo for Christmas and for her birthday. She even wore them when she first met Santa and on Christmas day!

(Outfit is Mud Pie, Hair Clip – Swanky Bowtique.)

To see some of the past Swanky Bowtique creations, click here.

3. Target

Oh yes. I love Target as much as the next girl. They have some of the CUTEST outfits for little girls. If I’m not careful, I can double my spending by shopping the baby/kids’ clothing section. And the shoes. OOOOh, the shoes.

(Dress, I bought on Zulily, shoes- Target.)

(Outfit- Target, Necklace- mine, Feather Clip- Hobby Lobby)

(outfit- Target, headband- Zulily)

(Shirt- Target, Leggings- Old Navy, Leg Warmers- Zulily)

4. Naartjie

I had never heard of Naartjie until my parents bought something for Josey there when she was a few months old. It was so different than anything I was seeing in other local stores. People often confuse Naartjie’s ruffled, cute items for Matilda Jane pieces, but the prices are much more reasonable.

Since then, I have become a huge fan. They change out their selections regularly, and you can save by shopping the sale items they move out. Very cute clothes that will let your little one stand out!

(Leggings- Naartjie)

(Leggings- Naartjie)

(Bow- Swanky Bowtique, Shirt- Naartjie, Pants- Target, Shoes- Tiny TOMS)

(Headband- Naartjie, Shirt- Target)

5. Matilda Jane

ย I don’t shop this brand often, since it’s a more expensive line of clothing, but the few pieces I’ve bought there, I have LOVED. Josey was able to wear them for months, and people always notice them. So cute. The hardest part if keeping yourself from buying more than planned!

(Shirt- Matilda Jane)

(Reversible Headband- Matilda Jane)

(Dress and Shirt- Matilda Jane)

6. Hobby Lobby

Whaaat? I know. Sounds weird, but they actually are my second favorite place to get hairbows for Josey.

They have lots of clips with big bows or feathers and are inexpensive enough to get several. Not custom or as “special” as my favorite pieces, but I really like having some cute bows that I can afford for my toddler to ruin or lose on accident.

(Flower Clip- Hobby Lobby, Outfit- Target)

(Hairbow- Hobby Lobby)

(Feather Clip- Hobby Lobby, Shirt- Target)

7. The Rest

Other places I will find clothes for Jo: Old Navy, Babies R Us, and various department stores, websites (etsy, ebay), etc.

(Vest- Babies R Us, Shirt- Naartjie)

(Shirt and Pants- Old Navy)

(Tutu- Ebay, Leg Warmers- Zulily, Onesie- Disney World)

So there is Josey’s closet in a nutshell. I have a blast dressing my girl, but if you have a son, don’t pass these stores up!

You can find bowties, hats, cute clothes and shoes at almost all of these same places. I think girls have an overload of cute things from which to choose, but boys are a bit more challenging.

Hopefully shopping these places will make dressing your little one more fun- whether you have a boy or a girl!


5 thoughts on ““Where Did You Get That?””

  1. Love this!!! I will definitely be referring back to this list for our little girl that will be here very soon! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. How do you like my new handle? What can I say–I felt silly today. This is a great line-up of places to find special clothing for kids–distinctive, not run-of-the-mill. Josey always looks so cute–perfectly accessorized ๐Ÿ™‚ I especially love it that she will actually wear her beads or her hair ornaments.

    1. Ha!! Mom, I almost sent this to spam bc I didn’t think my mom would ever use “Yo Mama” as a handle. Bahaha! But I like it!

      Thank you! She does tend to still pull her hair accessories out, but she tries to put them back in and says, “uh-oh!” Ha! She is a silly girl!

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