Something’s In The Water!

With all the announcements we’ve seen in the last few weeks of friends who are expecting, we’re so excited for all the new sweet babies on the way. We’re also wondering if there’s something in the water.

If so, we’ve been drinking it.

We’re 8 weeks and 1 day pregnant with our own little Nugget, and we’re so excited! We’re due March 24th.

Here we go again!

14 thoughts on “Something’s In The Water!”

    1. Thank you! You made me lol. I promise to have bottled water on hand for you and Eryn (or, well, at least extra filtered water). Now come hang out sometime soon! 😉

  1. I love it!!!! Can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Josey is just the cutest thing! LOVE the mason jars and the announcement!!!

  2. CONGRATULATIONS!! That is such exciting news! Cute announcement, too! Hope the illness passes soon! Love y’all FOUR! 🙂

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