Nugget Has A Name

Tom and I have been going back and forth about this sweet baby girl’s name. Couldn’t agree on anything.

For the first names we loved, we couldn’t settle on a middle name.

For some names we liked, they were WAY too popular, and we knew she would be one of 5 girls in her class named that for the rest of her life.

And for some names one of us liked, there was just a negative connotation for the other.

And then. FINALLY. (okay, it was less than a week after finding out the gender. But if felt like ages.) We agreed on a name that was just right.

But instead of just telling everyone, we let Josey say it for an instagram video and let people guess it.

Bahaha, I loved all of the reactions on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter! Thanks for making each step of this little girl’s life so fun already by playing along.

So, without further ado, sweet Nugget’s name is:

 Piper Dylan McFarlin.

I mean, just look at that face. It’s just a Piper, isn’t it?

Just kidding. But I’m sure it will be when we meet her!

People we have told (parents, siblings, a few friends) have wondered how we settled on this name.

Here’s how she got her name:

Piper is a name that I have loved for ages, and this time around, Tom loves it too.

We couldn’t settle on a middle name, but the other night at dinner, Tom said, “what do you think about Dylan?” And that was pretty much it. We both loved it immediately.

Of course, being the way I am, I had to look up it’s meaning and agree on how we’d spell it.  But we really liked the way it flowed together.

We also like how it’s not a traditional name for girls (but if you look it up on naming sites, like, it is considered a boy or girl name), and so we don’t think we’ll hear it a ton.

When we looked it up, Dylan is “of the sea” or “son of the sea” because in Welsh mythology, Dylan was the son of a sea god.

Since my mom and dad grew up near Tybee, and all of my grandparents enjoyed fishing, and since Tom grew up going to the gulf to fish, and that’s a big part of life on his dad’s side of the family, we liked that.

We also liked that “Piper Dylan” is a name that can’t help but make many people think about music, or it makes us think of music anyway. And since that is one of our favorite things, we loved that about her name.

So, there you have it, folks. Piper will be joining us in March, and we are so excited to have a proper name for our sweet girl!


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