Piper’s Nursery

Well, it’s true. Your first baby gets the royal treatment before they arrive. Your second baby gets what you have time to give towards planning. And your others, heaven help them. Who knows how you find the time to plan their rooms or anything else?

With Josey, I spent MONTHS thinking about, planning, looking up, and driving out to look at things for her nursery. Even before we knew the gender, I knew I wanted it to be gray because that’s a neutral I could work towards a boy or a girl, and I knew that kids would be sharing that room one day. I had a boy nursery pinboard and a girl nursery pinboard on pinterest. I had the time to think this way.

This time? I have thought about it. I waited to start thinking about it until I knew we were having a girl, though. Then, I thought and thought and stressed myself out because I knew things I wanted to do but didn’t have a lot of time. I mean, there were holidays and birthdays and every day life slowing me down from my nursery plans.

I would literally lie awake at night thinking about how I was going to manage to take my thoughts and ideas and turn them into reality in my limited time before she arrived. I wanted to do a coral and white nursery with gold and mint tied in. I loved seeing all those colors together in fashion.

White Coral Mint Gold


I wasn’t sure when I would have time to make that work in a nursery. But it happened. Thank goodness! The nursery is completely done. Let me show you how it looked before.


It was a workout room, then we moved the workout equipment into the guest room, which we had turned into Tom’s office. We’d moved the guest room into this room, but then we knew it would be the nursery, so we started taking the bed apart to send to my parents’ house and moving baby items into this room.

Basically, it was a junk room for a few months. Here it is now:









I scourged the internet from craigslist to fabric.com to etsy to zulily to potterybarnkids.com to pinterest to homedepot.com to find ideas and items.

I shopped in stores like Home Goods and Lowes and Ikea and Sherwin Williams and Home Depot (brick and mortar this time) and Target and Babies R Us.

Here’s the breakdown of how her room came together:


The coral is Sherwin Williams Paint (my own mixture of their Youthful Coral and Gaiety).

The white is the same white we used in Jo’s nursery, and I had some left over, so they matched it. I couldn’t find the name.

The ceiling is the white with a little bit of the wall color mixed in to make it a soft pink.

Rather than do it ourselves, this time the work was done by Top Choice Painters. We have worked with them several times in the past, and they always do good job.


This is where I found the ottoman, glider, and dresser. Craigslist is my go-to place for furniture you plan to customize anyway.  You can find it at a cheap price and either paint or re-upholster the piece to fit what you need, versus paying for it new.


This is how it looked before:


I used this tutorial (found on pinterest) to make my own, custom chalk paint for the dresser. Then I went to Home Depot to find a gray I liked to customize the chalk paint (it was a mixture of two grays by Martha Stewart) and used left-over coral paint for the drawers. No need to sand your furniture down beforehand with chalk paint!

Then I sealed the paint with Miss Mustard Seed’s furniture wax, which is the best wax ever.

Not sure you can tell in photos above, but the handles are actually covered in gold glitter paint-


I wanted to use crystal handles from Hobby Lobby that I loved, but they didn’t align with the pre-existing holes, so I got creative with the handles I already had. I used primer, gold metallic, gold glitter, and clear coating spray paints by Rustoleum (in that order).

Glider and Ottoman

This is the before:



I paid Mr. Gayle at Gayle Upholstery in Conyers, Georgia to reupholster the ottoman with fabrics I bought at a great discount at Fabrics and Furnishings. His name came to me highly recommended by others, and he deserves all the praise he received. Great work!

Home Goods

This is where I found the mirror, the shelf, and the side table.

The table looked like this before:


I felt it needed a bit more pizzazz, so I glazed the shelves with a gold glaze by Martha Stewart. I like it, though I would add that the glaze takes several days to fully dry, and in that time, my dogs did walk on one of the shelves that I had popped out. Lesson learned.

The adorable owl coin bank on the shelf was a gift, but I think it came from Home Goods as well. My sweet sister-in-law, Sarah, gave it to Piper for her nursery, and I love it!


Several items in her room came from an Ikea trip…

Ninni Trad Lace Curtains.

Skurar Plant Pot and Bowl in mint green.

Ofelia Throw Blanket.

Rotera Lantern.

Home Depot

Plaster of Paris and paint and glazes to do the chalk paint and various other projects (glaze on table and monogram).

I also found the rug on their website, at the urging of many facebook friends. Thanks for the advice! I got a great deal on a discounted rug, plus a coupon, plus free shipping! My kind of shopping experience!


Double traverse curtain rod. I used this same brand (Allen + Roth) in Josey’s room, and I’ve loved it. So it was my go-to this time around.

i don’t know where to add i, so this seems as good a place as any. For  the curtain rods, mirror, shelf, monogram, etc., we hired someone to hang them for us. His name is Lanier Mitchell, and he is awesome. He also hangs the curtains, and he does it perfectly. Message me if you would like his info, as he does not have a website.


Mia Chandelier. After seeing my friend, Kristen, put their Ruby Chandelier up in her daughter’s nursery, I was crazy about it. But it was on back-order until June. The Mia chandelier is a better fit for Piper’s nursery, so all’s well that ends well, I suppose.


The gold lamp base by Nate Berkus for Target. Oh, I love that designer. I needed a gold lamp base that didn’t look like it belonged to a grandma but also wasn’t partially glass in case it got knocked off the changing table. The lamp shade is also Target, but it’s Threshold. I was so happy when I came home with that purchase.

The gray washed picture frame on the shelf was also a Target find.


For those special items in the nursery, I turned to Etsy. I am a newbie sewer, so I didn’t want to tackle the adjustable crib skirt or curtains with blackout lining. I knew I wanted a monogram. And I wanted some cute saying in her room.

Oh, how I love Etsy. Every single shop owner I ordered from was fabulous. I recommend each of them. Their work was done with quality and efficiency, and I received each piece in less time than expected. Most of these items were custom, and I felt they were the perfect fit. If you need any of these items, I can’t recommend these sellers enough (in no particular order):

Sweet As A Peach gold foil artwork- Stephaniecreekmur.com. I loved this the moment I saw it, months before I purchased it. I pinned it, and when I found out I was having a girl, it was the first purchase I made for the nursery. Perfect for my Georgia Peach. (ps- anyone want to buy me her “Hey y’all” print…go right ahead.)

30″ Wooden Monogram- I bought this from League of Letters. Actually, I bought one for each of my girls, and I loved them both. They come unpainted, so you can customize them to your space. It was just what I needed. I painted mine Honey Nougat by Martha Stewart and used two coatings of gold glaze over it.

Adjustable Crib Skirt- Sally Jensen Interiors. I found this fabric by Caitlin Wilson Textiles, and I LOVED it. But it was out of my price range. Then I found Sally Jensen, and she could make the whole crib skirt for less than I could purchase the fabric! I was so excited. I love it.

Curtains- Rocky Top Designs. I absolutely loved working with Jayna. She was so patient and worked with me on finding the fabric I wanted, adding blackout fabric for lining, making it the exact length I wanted, etc. She even shipped the curtains early at my request.


My mom and I made the polka dotted one in her crib with fabric I bought on ebay. The fabric is Robert Kaufman “Spot on Metallic” blanc. It’s a smaller print of the same fabric used on the curtains.

The throw pillow in the glider was a pillow case purchased from Caitlin Wilson Textiles in the Mint Fleur Chinoise fabric. I am obsessed with this fabric, and I wanted one pillow to tie in with the crib skirt.

The coral and white pillow in the crib was purchased from Zulily. If you have read this blog long enough, you know I love some Zulily. Obsession!

Custom Items

There are a couple of items in her nursery that were custom made by people I know personally.

The diaper changing box was made by my brother-in-law, Ben McFarlin, specific to the size of her diaper pad and wipes, tissues, lotions, and diapers. It is solidly made, and it was delivered unpainted so that I could paint it exactly the color I wanted.

Ben doesn’t have an etsy shop yet, but he does build custom items, and he is amazing at it. This is the third custom diaper changing station he’s built, and his first one was for Josey’s room. It has been sturdy and stood up to two years of use so far, so I was a happy repeat customer. He can also build custom Big Green Egg cooking stations for your outdoor needs, and his work is incredible. If you want to hire him, let me know, and I can put you in touch.

The second custom-for-Piper piece is the beautiful chair in the corner that is white, gold, coral and mint, just like her room and states, “Slow down. Sit awhile. For tomorrow I’ll be grown.” This was a chair that was remade and gifted to me by Elizabeth Lineberry, a very thoughtful, sweet, and artistic friend of mine.

I was blown away when I realized she was actually giving me such a personalized piece of art, and I do see it as art, even though you can sit on it! She was sneaky and had gotten me to show her pictures of the nursery as I worked on it. I had no idea she was using them to make the chair perfect for that space. I love it, and it makes that side of the room look filled out and sweet. The saying is perfect too, as any mama knows.

So that’s it!

Those are pretty much all of the items I used to convert the room from the before picture to the after pictures. I hope you enjoyed this post and maybe even found some great people to hire for future projects!


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  1. This room is fabulous! It doesn’t matter that you had less time to spend–you got great results with the time you had! (FYI–Now that I’m a grandma I kinda chafe when I see unattractive decor referred to as “grandma”–just sayin’)

    1. Thanks, mom! And you know I think you have beautiful taste. In fairness, I didn’t even think of you as a grandma! I just was thinking of someone who could be MY grandmother’s age, with brassy lamps from the 70’s- not the look I was going for!

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