Begin Again. Again.

Once upon a time, I blogged regularly. Then I had a kid, and it tapered off to nothing. Then I thought about blogging again but had another kid instead.

Eventually I decided that I could finally pick it up again, and I even wrote a post saying that I was going to start blogging again. That was in September 2015. I managed a few posts.

Guess what happened the next month? We bought a house.

It was half an hour from where we lived at the time, and I had a 3 year old and a 1 year old, and in one month I was packing our entire lives up, driving back and forth to ensure the sellers followed through on the terms (Yes, you do have to take that tree out- it is dead. No, you can’t convince me it probably won’t fall on the house because I have eyes and can see it leaning.), handling all the contractors (painters, movers, cleaners), and then doing the same thing for the house we were selling starting the day after we moved. Then put our previous home on the market and closed that sale within a month.

Then I got to experience unpacking an entire house with a 1 year old and 3 year old, and honestly, I was just freaking tired. There are still boxes that need to be unpacked. It is true.

But here I am, finding that I have *almost* kept my word to keep blogging about a hundred times…yet didn’t because I didn’t even know where to begin.

I felt like I should at least have before and after pictures to show of the “amazing transformation” I have done in the new house. But I can’t do that yet. Partly because I am still working on making it pretty and have practically refused to put anything on the walls yet because I don’t want to put holes into the wall until I know exactly what I want there, and partly because I didn’t think to take a before picture of our carpet to show how much cleaner it was before the McFarlin girls were unleashed on it, and let’s be honest, probably the most amazing thing that I’ve done to this home is watch the kids ruin the floors in record speed.

Seriously. It survived 20 years and about 6 kids from 2 different families before us, but one year with Jo and Pipes (and ok- some of it is my fault too because I saw someone using activated charcoal mixed with honey as a beauty ingredient and had to try it, and turns out that that stuff runs and does not come out of beige carpet so easily) and BAM- this house has never been so “lived in” before. Tom and I are looking into new flooring as a Christmas present to one another. Hello, adulthood.

So yeah. I didn’t have any pictures to show my hard work off, and I didn’t know how to be like “Hey, y’all. I moved. A year ago. It’s been busy.”

Turns out, that’s pretty much exactly what this blog post is. We moved. Life has been busy. I miss blogging. I miss feeling connected to the friends and family that used to follow along.

So I’m beginning again. Again.


ps- I have no plans to have another child or to move again anytime soon, so here’s hoping it sticks this time! *fingers crossed*

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