Dry Falls

A year or two ago, my sweet in-laws bought a little cabin in Dillard, Georgia, and we’ve all enjoyed visiting the mountains since.

Last weekend, we drove up to the cabin, and we decided to visit a waterfall the next day. Oddly enough, it was named Dry Falls.

We were hoping to go behind the falls, but the path was fenced off. At first, the girls were disappointed, especially Jo, but then they discovered rocks to throw, mud to splash in, and boulders to climb!

They also enjoyed taking some pictures, like mama.

It figures that Piper’s going to choose to be more like Daddy. Full on Daddy’s Girl Mode these days!

And, of course, everything is more fun with grandparents! MeMac even wore the homemade necklace Josey gave her for Valentine’s Day!

Overall, it was a wonderful, wet and muddy day! Dry Falls did not earn its name at all!

Thank you, MeMac and Popey for such a fun weekend!

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