Honeymoon, Apartment, and Job Search

Well, since we’ve been married, it’s been a whirlwind of going on the honeymoon, moving stuff to the apartment, unpacking everything, cleaning, cooking, and now job searching for me. Tom came back from the honeymoon and went back to his job at careerbuilder.com, which is currently supporting both of us.

It’s nice that he’s able to support us both, but I would like to find a job out here, so now I’m trying to overhaul my résumé. It’s more difficult than I had anticipated, mainly because I had always planned to work with animals, so I always focused my volunteering and interning on jobs that interacted with animals, such as training animals at Bear Hollow in Athens or interning with Zoo Atlanta. Unfortunately, it wasn’t until I interned at Zoo Atlanta that I realized their keepers never get weekends off. Or, at least, they don’t get weekends off until they have worked there for 30 years or something long-term like that; there’s no set time period, but the only people I knew who had weekends off were curators who were once keepers.  Anyway, the point is, now that I am interested in working in an office environment, I realize I haven’t got very much relevant experience to speak of outside of my being a research assistant for psychology experiments my senior year at UGA, and that’s not exactly what I had in mind for work.

I’m more into the idea of doing something in Human Resources. I like the idea of interacting with people throughout the day and helping them have a better work environment. I talked to someone at an employment agency today about it, and he said that a lot of companies like to take people fresh from college and train them for how they want their HR people to be. I’m praying that he’ll find something good for me in that field where all I need is a B.S. in psychology and a willingness to learn, but we’ll see.

In the meantime, Tom and I have been enjoying married life. Everyday when he comes home from work, I stop what I’m doing, and we go on a mile-long walk and talk about how the day was for each of us. I love the chance to just spend time with him. After all the years of long-distance, it’s so great just to get to live with my best friend…not having to go home at night or only see each other on the weekends-it’s awesome. =) I’m working on getting my name legally changed, and there are a LOT of things that come up after marriage if you change your name: credit cards, drivers license, social security, passport, emails…just to name a few.

One last thing before I go: Tom and I have more honeymoon pictures posted on facebook than we do on this site. If you are interested in seeing them, you can follow this link. Also, feel free to add us as friends on facebook and/or send us a message.